Thursday, 10 November 2016

Chronicles of a Bride-II

All of a sudden I’m under limelight and every step of mine is the talk of the bridal town. Suddenly, my life has become more interesting to the people around me. Every step of mine is not just watched but also commented upon. As much as I enjoy being the centre of attention, opinions are something that doesn’t float my boat.

Starting from nail color to advantages of taking i-pills, all good intended and ill-intended people have an opinion about the bride’s life. Icing in the cake: the bride’s opinion always stands null and void. No matter how logical it is.

From beauty tips to how to run a home, everyone walks around with a ‘Bride 101 guide’. Everyone feels that their version is the best and they make absolute sense. For example, the orthodox but skilled tailor says padded blouse will bring disgrace to in-law’s family and hence to be avoided. The good natured bride is expected to nod her head in understanding, in fact, smack her head and say ‘How did I forget this rule?”

Grandma’s cousin who is older than the oldest tortoise calls up and tells, “Don’t eat bitter gourd before wedding because it will make the relationship bitter.” *Eye Rolling* Neighbor uncle’s brother’s son’s friend who is a skin doctor living in the USA is of the opinion that “Walking in the Sun will tan bride’s skin.” *Sun can you scorch me to ashes?*

Like I said, it’s good that so many experienced people want to share their experiences and guide the bride to a smoother relationship. But when will the bride build her unique relationship? No two relationships are the same. What was true for someone need not even happen in another’s life. Why can’t all these people understand this basic principle? Why can’t they stow their opinions in their purse and let the bride be free?

Dear bride, take the ‘pi’ value out of Opinions. You’ll have just onions left. Your life; your relationship; your opinions! Oops, He matters too! 

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  1. Pi value out of opinion?. Good thinking. Enjoy the limelight. Its for a short time. :)