Friday, 22 April 2016

10 things that happens when you fall in love!

It has been a dream to experience this and write about it. Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. Suddenly even the scorching summer feels like blossoming Spring. If you are in mid-twenties and get into a relationship for the first time, these things are bound to happen. Singles out there, you are warned.

  • Suddenly you are the talk of the town
People are suddenly interested in your life. From ‘Told-you-so’ comment to those nasty envious glances, people can’t stop raving about your love life. Sometimes there are a few who even come up and ask, “How did you nail it?”

  • Your personal time gets a whole new definition
Earlier personal time was either curling up with a book or watching a movie all by yourself. Now personal time is talking to your significant other or going out with them. Even your friends will complain how they get to see you very less.

  • It's “We” not “I”
Each time you talk to the love of your life, you have to consciously say ‘We’ and not ‘I’. You don’t want to give them an impression that you are self-centered right in the honeymoon phase.

  • Your imagination gets a face lift
Literally and figuratively. All those dreams with your love now gets a face and voice. Next time you dream, you know what the reaction will be. No more blank spaces in dreams.
  • You’re no longer available in the market

Your friends and acquaintances keep reminding you how you’re no longer eligible in the market and that you are taken. Hey, because I’m taken doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy the beautiful sights around me.
  •  Pressure on looks

Earlier you might have dressed up in a comfy night pants and hung around the whole day.Now even the slightest freckle gets your attention to ensure you look the best for your love. If crush days were filled with anxiety on looks; new relationship is full of pressure on looks.

  • There’s no room for sadness
Like mentioned earlier, everything around you looks beautiful and nice. No more melancholy songs in playlist. Even if your favorite one is played, you just switch to next.

  • The sense of overwhelming

During a bus ride or over a mundane task you ponder how your life has changed or about to change because of the relationship. All of a sudden it’s overwhelming to realize that you have taken such a huge decision in life.

  • The sated smile when you hit the bed

Every night when you hit the bed, you know that there is someone out there who holds you special. Whom you can make smile and happy just by existing. And that mere thought puts a sated smile on your lips before you slip into dreams.

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