Monday, 21 March 2016

Letters to My Prince Charming- III

Hey Charmer,

Have you ever taken a minute to imagine how big this universe is? We’re like a speck of dust that floats in the air. Invisible and no different from the fellow dust specks. But with that few grams weighing brain and tons weighing ego, we think we’re bigger than this universe itself. That we are the most important people; everything revolves around us.

In this nondescript world our existence, achievement and money doesn’t really matter. What really matters is love. Being special for someone.  Holding that privilege place in your precious world. That’s what makes this life totally worth it.

Winning trophies are secondary; winning your smile matters a lot. Making a sleek presentation doesn’t matter; cooking your favorite meal matters. Having a huge bank balance doesn’t top my priority list; making memories with you does.

End of the day, my world revolves around you. Might sound really sappy. But if I step back, take a minute and think, I realize a few things. I may or may not make a difference to the world. I might not even be remembered by people when I die.

But, I can make you feel special every morning you wake up. I can make you sleep with a sated smile on your lips. I can make your world seem like a better place to live. All this just with my love. To me, that’s true achievement. That’s purpose of life. Everything else that’s materialistic is just by-product of our love.

My universe awaits your arrival.


  1. Sru.... Am falling in love with your writing...!! Not only me anyone does..!! Happy writing dear...!!