Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Letters to My Prince Charming- II

Hey Prince Charming,

Another Valentine’s day has crossed by. Even the kids are celebrating Rose day and Hug day. For you and me, everyday happens to be special. But with so much love in the air, couldn’t stop myself from writing this for you.

I’m a career driven woman. Workaholic. Ambitious. That will not stop me from being an incurable romantic at heart. Or stop me in being Sensibly in love with you. Not madly.

I’m not the nagging girl you would come across. You say, “give me time, I’ll get back to you.” I’d wait. No qualms about it. Not ruin or long drive by giving you driving instructions. Yeah, I might be scared to death. I’ll hold you tighter.

I will be running behind my business targets and presentations. But you will be constantly in my thoughts. How else do you think I put up with those boring meetings? I keep reliving those funny moments and jokes we shared.

I will be caught up in corporate dinners and client meets that run for late hours. Be assured that my text will reach you asking your whereabouts.

If you are in the mid of a battle, discussion, game or hang-out with friends, you wouldn’t hear a beep from me. I can hold on and wait until you get free. No forty missed calls and hundred texts.

Baby, being a valentine is not about fancy dinners, long walks and looking into each other’s eyes. That’s why I told ‘Sensibly in love’ not ‘madly in love’. I love you for what you are. To me, you are perfect. We will not live by certain written and unwritten rules of love.

Unconditional is what I swear by. For the things that you do, you don’t do. Everything. I would never stop loving you. Don’t fret over a gift. Ride your horse/bike/car/jet faster and come soon.


  1. Lovely article. What more can that fellow expect from you. Your are simply great in writing. Continue my child.

  2. This s just amazing.. Love you for ur writing 😘😘