Saturday, 20 February 2016

Confession of a Broad Minded Woman- X

“I’m strong in the professional world. In personal life I’m the softest you will ever see.”

A big myth that most of the women fool themselves with. A strong woman cannot bifurcate her worlds. In fact, there are no separate worlds called professional and personal.

Most of our colleagues are our best friends. We do business with our close friends. A strong woman isn’t someone who puts up a façade with her attitude and make up. She is someone who is strong from within.

In this last confession for this series, read further to know how we tell this myth everywhere so that people understand that we have emotions too.

A broadminded woman isn’t someone who would create fuss over spilled coffee or an unshaped eyebrow. But yeah, we have soft corner too where the pin pokes easily. That is us, showing our compassionate side to the world.

A strong woman is someone who is strong enough to smile through the situation blinking back the tears and swallowing the lump in the throat. Not because she doesn’t have a choice. Because, she knows that’s the best thing to do.

Yeah, she might feel like firing with a laser gun or devouring one more scoop of ice cream. But she is wise and sometimes old enough too to stop her from impulse.

She would never sound desperate and jeopardize her date. She knows her game and will play it well. She might not know the result. But will be matured to take whatever comes out. Because she is not strong for herself alone, she is stronger for both and the relationship that she wants to build.

She would do business dealings with compassion. She would reprimand her friends for being cross. She would rush in her business suit for a movie with friends. She would use logic and brains when feathers are ruffled in her relationship. She would put a smile and be ready for the game when she is just exhausted with a silly fight. Next time you meet her, pat her shoulder and give thumbs up, for she is truly a strong broadminded woman.

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