Sunday, 17 January 2016

Letters to My Prince Charming- I

Dear Love,

I know you are busy conquering the world. You are on your way and I’m awaiting your arrival. In the mean time, I thought I will keep inking my love and send it through digital dove so that they reach you now and then. We shall talk of various things under the sun- beyond the sun too. End of the day, these talks are the ones that make a relationship.

Maybe you are having a bad hair day. Maybe you are feeling a little dull. Maybe you are ecstatic of your recent victory. In all these tiny moments I want to remind you that there is a damsel here thinking of you and waiting just for you.

There is no hurry Love. Reach me when you can. I have waited a quarter century. A few more years do not make a lot of difference. I shall live with the love until you come by. After all, the best wine, love, and dream take longer to happen.

In this speed driven era, people are breaking up even before falling into a relationship. ‘Instant’ is the word that they look for. We will take it slow and steady. The wait; the patience; the time- will make us relish our time together.

But until then, know that I love you. My faceless, address-less, Chivalrous Prince- You conquered my heart effortlessly. The throne awaits your arrival. Come at your leisure pace.

Until then,

Yours Lovingly



  1. A beautifully worded and written letter and the one which I never had a chance to write to anyone during my days. Sruthi, my kind let your dream boy come to you at the earliest.