Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- VII

“I learn from my mistakes. I ensure I don’t repeat them again. Especially in my relationships.”

We could very well be saying how colourful the moon looks every other day. With all due self-credit, we do analyze the reason for a broken relationship. We play fair and square and make the balance sheet for both the parties. The prepared balance sheet goes for self assessment. Most often than not, we hit the bull’s eye and find out our mistakes too. Once found, we graciously bow down and accept it. After all, we are broad minded women who own up to their mistakes!

Not stopping with the realization, we also promise ourselves that we shan’t repeat the mistakes again. Imagine it like a permanent tattoo to reiterate. Just when we are healed and good, a new relationship starts. All goes good for a while. Then begins the true trouble. The dog’s tail as usual starts curling up. A pattern starts developing.

When we try stopping ourselves from breaking the pattern, our brain comes up with this super fool-proof logic: “No two individuals are same. Just because this was the problem in the last relationship, doesn’t mean it will screw up this time too.” Like the hypnotized cartoons, coils replace our pupils and we start doing the same dumb thing again.

Like the sixth confession , in the name of giving space, we might come across as Aloof and uninterested. But once again, in the new relationship, we end up doing the same ‘Space Travel’.

We do take precautionary step and be ready to retract the moment we see Red alarm going off. Still, sometimes we put our feet down and wail, “If I keep doing it, it means it is my character. Is the relationship worthy to change myself?”

Poof! There is the relationship breaker. We are aware of the wreckage too. But somewhere between being sensible and being stubborn, we end up doing the same mistake again. Sometimes, multiple times until it becomes a wakeup call to change the trait.

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