Wednesday, 14 October 2015

This is what I have to tell you tonight.. Everynight!

Love is age old, but there is nothing old fashioned about Love. Love is better experienced by those who are not in Love. That is the irony about love. Because until you fall in love, you are in love with the idea of ‘Love’. The moment you fall in love, it becomes person-specific rather than feel-specific. 

Somewhere deep down in the heart, the mystery of not knowing the person who is going to claim my heart and soul is exciting. I don’t have to be judgmental or predict anything. I have the freedom to imagine perfect scenarios in my head with the faceless, nameless guy who will be the centre of my universe.

Here is what I would like to tell my guy tonight and every night.

Statutory Warning: It’s a sappy romantic monologue. Nothing new that the world doesn’t already know.


The lyrics of a romantic song reminds me of you. It brings that small smile in my lips. These songs endlessly talk about the small things that I would like to do with you someday. May be read a book together; discuss Tom is smarter or Jerry is smarter; hum a song together; gossip about an actor; build up funny imaginary situations and laugh ourselves at it; play the ‘what-if’ game with each other; and so on.

I know I’m not perfect. I have issues with myself and there are situations when I can’t stand myself. Hold on then and just let the wave pass. I’ll bounce back soon. I might not approve your taste of movies or games. But I will give you the space, stand a foot away and watch you enjoying yourself with a smile.

I will challenge you now and then in your area of expertise- even though I know nothing in it- just to make our life interesting. I will let you vent out how bad you day was and wouldn’t mind taking the heat of it if you are in a sour mood. Your boys’ time will be your boys’ time. No grudging goodbyes or nagging phone calls in between. I will not act stupid on purpose in the name of boosting your ego. Instead I will bet your friends’ gang for a game in the console; beat them and boost your ego.

Together we’ll create a bucket list and start ticking them off. Screaming our lungs out in the top of the mountain; a road-trip vacation; learning a new art together; playing pranks on our friends; follow that secret passion of yours and many more.

We’ll have good, bad and ugly days. I will see your bald patches coming and you can see my dark circles without kohl. We’ll pull each other’s legs, argue a little; may be even fight at times. That’s how we will grow up. But I promise, when you go to sleep every night, I will do everything in my power to put a smile on your face. We’ll have no carryover quarrels.

I might not make your destination beautiful; I might not make your world come to standstill each time I smile; I might not have been the girl you dreamt to marry- But My Love, I will be your best friend in the journey; I will make the world say you are the best husband in the world; I will make sure your bad days are tolerable; I will love you every day and make you feel special!

Come soon..
Waiting with Love..