Monday, 21 September 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- VI

“I’m not clingy. I understand and I let go of people when the time comes.”

Half of the statement is true, while the other half is not. Yes, we aren’t clingy. We wouldn’t want to be the needy one in the relationship. Hardly will we give that impression. We are broad-minded and independent and that’s what we will be. You will never experience the queen-bee bugging or the annoying pestering.

Having said that, we aren’t immune to the emotional bonding creeping its roots deep into our heart.  Whether we are the ready-to-be-friend-anytime type or I’m-picky-as-pickle type, we do invest our emotions and seal the bond. Devil-may-care attitude isn’t our modus operandi in relationships.

So, in a friendship or even relationship for that matter, even a few days of silence bothers us.  With our tolerance quotient, we may give the space and wait for you to turn up. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t worrying. The anxious-meter would hike up several notches making our brain conjure all logical conclusions (Which includes hit-by-Alzheimer, grave-offense, tapeworms-in-brain, etc etc).

The best that we would do is, sit back, chew our nails and wait for you to turn around. Occasionally, we might ask what’s eating you. We wouldn’t make it a habit for the fear of nagging you. Weeks or months later when you turn up, we will be all smiles and pep talk as if nothing has changed. But remember, we expect an explanation. Not because we are clingy but because we were waiting and tried not disturbing your space.

Gone will be the broad-minded woman if you fail to do this. You will face the snarky, sting-tongued woman who would make you wish for the inferno to save you. Dare not to whine later saying, “You are supposed to be a broad-minded woman. Stop overreacting. I thought you were cool with it.”
We are cool. We are broad-minded. We will give the space. We will understand. We will let go. We will wait. That’s a part of who we are. We don’t want to be branded clingy. But if you could hear our thoughts during those times, you would freak out that you will ask us to consult a shrink for obsession.

Mind you! “We aren’t clingy. We understand and let go of people when the time comes. If you ever choose to return, better come with an explanation or we will make hell-hounds look like puppets”

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