Friday, 21 August 2015

Living With Myself

Unspoken words are sweet;
Unthought words are sweeter
When both are expressed unfiltered
The world becomes happier.
The relentless banter is on
With no complaints or regrets!

Companionable silence is unshared
No edgy pressure to fill the void
This emptiness is the universe-
Filling in and making one with One
It's null, vacuum and void
Stretched to infinity in a loop

Arguing without being judged,
Debating without bitterness,
Questioning without absurdity,
Contemplating without influence,
Introspection the world calls it-
Subtly naming the turf of thoughts

Moody does it look like in exterior;
It's a tango with myself inside.
To and fro, swing and glide, I do
Not in rhythm to any music;
I'm my own audience to witness,
To applaud with amusement

My comfort harbor to be ashore,
My company in a lonely crowd,
My solace in times of hurt and pain,
My think tank brimming with ideas,
My enemy in calling out my flaws,
Myself with my self for my selfishness!

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