Sunday, 5 July 2015

Descending Darkness

Those few minutes before the sleep,
Seems to tick away like ages.
The darkness looms above:
Descending as a thick fog upon me.
As much may I try to shut the eyes,
The thicker does the fog gets.

Looming above with snarky face;
Is the fog that swirls around.
It haunts, torments and injures;
Slashing, puncturing the wounds.
I try getting away from the abyss,
But the weight in heart crushes further.

Eyes sting with unshed tears,
Lungs constrict and gasp for breath,
Lips fervently chant your name,
Teeth sink into lips to muffle the scream.
Memories try hard to hold onto your smile-
It is the feeble light in darkness.

The smile turns into an evil grin
You turn and walk away from me.
Arms stretched I reach out for you,
But my scream is voiceless to hear.
The darkness descends swiftly
And I’m engulfed with no mercy.

Resurfacing is harder than a moth’s
It’s only monochrome when I come up
Everything sized down to plainness
The birds’ chirping is an annoying noise
The rising sun marking another day-
Of perpetual darkness and monotony.

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