Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bills and Moons

Not an earthly person I am anymore
Jupiter or Saturn would I rather be
A single moon is always monopoly
With no spice or variety for life

Hope waxes with the crescent moon
So does it wane with the vanishing moon
Despair and emptiness are the leftovers
With the single moon and hope as only choice

My sky twinkles with myriad moons
Waxing and waning all the time
No void or barren space to desolate
For I am spoilt with staggering choices

They are inimitable peers of love
Epitomes of various shades of love
Sporadic or standard do they show up
All I do is bask in their ethereal love

Moon matters or moon’s warmth matters?
Man matters or man’s love matters?
Anchor the love and not the source
For its form that changes not the essence

1 comment:

  1. Lovely Poetry. You must have been an Emily Brant or Keats or Wordsworth in your earlier life. Good Luck child. Be happy