Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bills and Moons

Not an earthly person I am anymore
Jupiter or Saturn would I rather be
A single moon is always monopoly
With no spice or variety for life

Hope waxes with the crescent moon
So does it wane with the vanishing moon
Despair and emptiness are the leftovers
With the single moon and hope as only choice

My sky twinkles with myriad moons
Waxing and waning all the time
No void or barren space to desolate
For I am spoilt with staggering choices

They are inimitable peers of love
Epitomes of various shades of love
Sporadic or standard do they show up
All I do is bask in their ethereal love

Moon matters or moon’s warmth matters?
Man matters or man’s love matters?
Anchor the love and not the source
For its form that changes not the essence

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Descending Darkness

Those few minutes before the sleep,
Seems to tick away like ages.
The darkness looms above:
Descending as a thick fog upon me.
As much may I try to shut the eyes,
The thicker does the fog gets.

Looming above with snarky face;
Is the fog that swirls around.
It haunts, torments and injures;
Slashing, puncturing the wounds.
I try getting away from the abyss,
But the weight in heart crushes further.

Eyes sting with unshed tears,
Lungs constrict and gasp for breath,
Lips fervently chant your name,
Teeth sink into lips to muffle the scream.
Memories try hard to hold onto your smile-
It is the feeble light in darkness.

The smile turns into an evil grin
You turn and walk away from me.
Arms stretched I reach out for you,
But my scream is voiceless to hear.
The darkness descends swiftly
And I’m engulfed with no mercy.

Resurfacing is harder than a moth’s
It’s only monochrome when I come up
Everything sized down to plainness
The birds’ chirping is an annoying noise
The rising sun marking another day-
Of perpetual darkness and monotony.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- IV

I am like the calm waters; do I get neither excited nor agitated!

We could be describing Tsunami as well: a small wave that touches the tip of the nearby building. Under the calm and clear water is the tectonic plate which dangerously vibrates now and then. A wise girl is not one who covers up emotions but who truly knows to manage them. We hardly do that.

A cute guy looks at us- we instantly beam. The crush whom we had been stalking on social media drops a friend request- we fist pump in air. Birthday surprises- Mentally we pole vault thrice. New dress shopping- We are jumping and clapping hands in glee. We get super excited for all these. But what you see outside is the calm demeanor that gives nothing away about what is going on inside.

That silly comment about our look- We want to slap. That opinion on sleeping late- We want to make you sleep forever. Calling us feminist- we want to thrash your skull into the nearby slab. But the ozone layer between the thought and action is our sanity. The agitation and irritation know no bounds in these cases. Sometimes it’s easy peasy to handle excitement and hide that hideous goofy grin. But ripping that idiotic head is a problem. At least there will be the urge to lash out with word-whip.

Only our pillows face the real us. Cuddling with them when happy, punching it in anger or crying into it whole night- it never questions. That’s how we are fresh as a daisy next morning to face the world like a diva.

What bothers is most of the times; we are not managing emotions but just concealing them. That is not real broad-mindedness. That is a façade. But sometimes to practice to manage emotions we need the façade. Ten times we try, eleventh time it becomes our habit. There goes a saying,

“However you feel inside, get up; dress up; show up!”

That’s the mantra in which we operate. It’s not that we don’t want the world to know how sensitive we are. It’s just that we want the world to look at us the way we want them to. Not the giggling, jumping girl; but the broad-minded, forward thinking, self-sustained woman.

But yes! Inside we are the silly girls who ogle at donuts; chant our crush name 100 times a day; adore ‘strawberry girl’ and get annoyed when the Popsicle melts and runs down the arm. The waters are always calm and clear. Yet, there is a whirlpool that could zoom out anytime!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Hearth's smell after the first rain
Crisp leaves at the end of the fall
Snowflakes melting in hand
You are a requiem of these!

A chill breeze on a sunny day
A warm quilt on a winter night
Blossoms of the spring
You are a requiem of these!

A pint of water for the dry throat
A soothing string for the ear
A sumptuous meal for the taste buds
You are a requiem of these!

A seat by the window
A metro sans pollution
A signal without traffic
You are a requiem of these!

Gentle strokes of comb through hair
Skipping beats of a  racing heart
Tranquil sleep in trouble times
You are a requiem of these!

A book that urges to think
A mindless banter with a friend
A surprising serendipity
You are a requiem of these!

A sweet song of the happy times
A thought spoken at the same time
A long walk in the drizzled evening
You are a requiem of these!

You are a requiem of laughter
You are a requiem of love
You are a requiem of life once I had
'Cause you are only a requiem!