Monday, 22 June 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- II

I'm not Jealous

Exclusivity is good, but not possessiveness. In line with the same comes jealousy. That friend of yours who has long hair, or the other female who has brains more than wonder - won't an earth quake eat them up?

Listen men, it’s not obscene stupidity. Most of the time you wouldn't even know that we are jealous. Because, like I said, we are good in hiding.

She is a great girl. I admire how she is so brainy and beautiful at the same time. She manages everything so well. Her witty quotes definitely need a standing ovation. But what makes her look like monster is your reaction.

Your admiration is enough to spark that wild fire of envy. What makes it spread is your open comment on how good she is and where we fail. You wouldn't be complaining but making a mere observation.
Still, she is winning over the areas we can't fathom to think about. Imagine being on fire all the time and it gets fuelled from time to time. Yet you can't show you are burning because you are super cool. How does that sound? Bad, right?

On outerset it will sound funny but it is a terrible feeling to go through. Jealousy is a product of comparison and imbibed insecurity. This feeling is hard-wired in women’s brain. Have you wondered why women are more competitive and always want to be a forerunner? Jealousy in play- but in positive way.

Most of the Indian households are financially stable and have an own house because of jealousy. Men, be grateful that your lady is jealous. It makes you worth the fight and definitely enhances your life style too.

Women, because we agree that it’s hard-wired, don’t go over the board and creep him out. Keep the jealous in check and know that your man means no harm when he appreciated the other woman.

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  1. jealousy is not a sign of no trust but a sign of possessiveness, and it is not a sign of immaturity but rather love :D