Monday, 11 May 2015

Hail the Queen!

My heritage runs deeper
I’m embargoed to question!
My Queen deserves treasure,
And hold bounties as she wishes!

Everything is Queen’s and King’s;
I’m only lent a morsel out of it.
But why do I care, because
This is democracy just in name!

My queen has a green thumb for arts
She likes giving us a show to enjoy.
Just like the yesteryear performances,
We know in the end she wins unequivocally!

Everything has a price to be bought,
Or is it loyalty to Queen’s service?
I’m witnessing consumerism at its best
Treading me a path to follow when I need.

When justice is a subjective term,
And all royals are usurpers,
My safe bet is my queen- For

She is the mother of my motherland!