Thursday, 14 May 2015


Okay, the above is the regular statistics that you come across these days propagating why there are so many grooms but not so many brides in the country. But, the available grooms do screw it big time and cut off any little chances left to get his bride. This article brings you just a few of those..

#1.  Clinging on to that ex-girlfriend

Okay dude, we do understand there was that Cinderella in your life and she smiled like an angel. But could you get over her and not just talk about it to the bride-to-be? After a point it becomes exasperating.

#2. Being a Momma’s boy
We girls see flashing Red sign each time you talk about how you can’t let go of your momma’s saree. Hey, we will love her too. But you the scare the living daylight out of us each time you talk about her perfection. We sense a war coming up and understand which side you’d take up.

#3. Feigning a narrow mind
The girl brings to the table as much as you do. She doesn't need you for any support other than emotional one. And your words about how she should dress up or give up that occasional drinking, makes you sound exactly like a mummy (the Egypt kind, don’t give a nasty stare) from eons old.

#4. Superiority complex
We love men who are tall, dark and handsome, who could stand up for themselves and us too. But that doesn't mean you have to show that macho attitude to us. So what if you call us first or initiate that dinner plan? Just because you are THE GROOM or from groom’s side doesn't mean you have to demonstrate an upper hand.

#5. Underestimating the girls’ intellect
Boy, boy! When will you realize? She has a job, runs her family and is multi-tasking because she has brains. We don’t just swoon at Twilight and Shopaholic series. We do read Karl Marx and GDP growth. Stop zoning out conversations because you think she can’t handle it.

#6. Beauty and the beast
You want a perfect looking zero-size girl who is fair as milk and beautiful? Wait, are you Ranbir or Brad Pitt? Did you look at the mirror this morning and spotted that grey hair and lopsided lips? Telling a girl that her looks are substandard or letting your Groom’s side talk about the looks as a selection criteria shows how shallow your mind is.

#7. Brushing off her career as trivial
Expecting her to compromise her career, shift to your town and take up a job or worse expecting her to quit and take care of household chores is intolerable. We do understand that we have to compromise. But a little contribution and sacrifice from your side or genuine interest in our growth would make the compromise look worthwhile.

I’m not stereotyping men here. But dear men, please remember: We are in demand. IF not you, I would choose a better suitor. Unfortunately, statistics and society has ripped you off that choice. May be you will get a girl, may be not! If you want a real Woman to be your backbone and make your life better, please don’t do the above 7 things.

If you are a man and got agitated reading this and vehemently stand against these points, drop in your details. We girls would be delighted to meet the mythical man and marry too!  J

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