Monday, 25 May 2015

10 problems that an Introvert faces everyday

There’s a proverb: Talk less, work more. There are people who talk lesser and least. Psychology calls them introvert while there are other names branded on them. You might be the one who is always misunderstood for your silence or on the other side of the fence and have a misconception about less talking people. Being an introvert is more difficult than ever because of the modern times and social pressure. As a forced extrovert, who better than I could point out the problems that an Introvert faces every day. Go ahead and understand the poor souls. If you are one of the poor souls, nod your head and share this (let people around you understand.)

1.       The halo of Rude and Attitude
Because we talk less, we are always given the title of rude. That we show our attitude and don’t converse socially because we are too proud of a kind. Sadly, the truth is other way around.

2.       The fear of being misunderstood
An introvert constantly checks what he/she speaks for the fear of being misunderstood. Unlike extraverts, we don’t have a way with words (at least while speaking) and sometimes stop mid-way on what we were about to tell.

3.       Difficulty in expressing
Yes! You read it right. Like I said, we don’t have a flow with the words and find it difficult to talk about how we feel. Added with the second point, we are left clueless on how to tell what we want to tell. Give us a paper and pen, and you will get the most poetic expression of how we feel.

4.       Being looked as social aliens
A small circle of friends who probably are sticking around for ages together now. No new friends or acquaintances circle. We get the weird stare and branded as social aliens. Lock us in a room with a stranger and open the door after 5 hours and we would have spoken hardly a dozen of words.

5.       Misfit in a party
Okay, if it is the small chosen circle, then we can say some witty quotes and make you laugh. A new crowd, thumping music, lots of people, we are lost. You will find us in a corner checking out a book shelf, music collection or humming the lyrics with a glass.

6.       Telephone calls that doesn’t last more than a minute
Not that we are not interested to know if you had had breakfast or your nail has grown longer than the last time, it is just that it doesn’t cross our mind at all. I mean, I want to tell you that I’m coming over the weekend to get that new book from you. And oh yeah, I miss you and want to see you too! (See, it is easy to type than to speak).

7.       Lectures on benefits of socializing
Each time we are caught alone with a book or music player, immediately the over friendly extravert launches themselves into a long lecture on the benefits of socializing or how I would die alone because I am an introvert. Every time it is the same: You will have nobody to stand by you. Then how come they are there talking to me?

8.       Talking is Taxing
Imagine taking 30 pushups after having a heavy lunch. That’s how it feels to talk for more than 10 minutes for us. Yes, it is energy draining and leaves us exhausted more than you think. It is not that our vocabulary is poor but talking them seems like a strenuous exercise.

9.       I am not UPSET!
I’m sitting quiet and calm because this is me. I’m not brooding over spilled milk or upset about something. I just don’t have the habit of jumping around and being buoyant. Please stop bugging with your misplaced concern.

10.   Assuming that I’m a Genius
This is the worst of all. Because I don’t talk doesn’t mean that I know the cube root of PI like the back of my hand. I have limited intelligence and I spend a great deal of time thinking about random stuffs or simply gazing out of the window. My silence is not directly proportional to my intelligence.

Dear extroverts, want a friend or partner who would patiently listen to all that you are jabbering? Go find that introvert in the gang and start hanging out. After all, if all are extroverts who would listen to you then?
Dear introverts, don’t keep musing over how your words will be understood? Also, don’t fall prey for the social pressure of being an extrovert. Embrace your personality and be who you are until you feel the need to change for yourself.

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  1. I am able to identify myself with your points. When I am in a social gathering, after sometime, I used to look around. Everyone would be talking to someone or in a group. I will be the only one looking around. It will be awkward for me as I wont be knowing to whom I should stick with and what I should be talking.

    Another incident with an offshore senior manager. At the appointed time, I reported at his cabin, talked to him for few minutes - mainly project updates. After that I thanked him and left the place. He must had been offended and gave a negative remark saying "Indians dont talk". From then onwards who ever is visiting offshore, got a lesson from local manager on how to talk to "them".

    I thought of telling you this comment in person. Then I thought it is easier to write here :-)