Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Fatty’s Fatty Free Verse

Weight machines I dread the most
BMI topic is sensitive than virginity
Elephants are a painful reminder
Collar bones are only felt not seen

Hours I spend in front of mirror
Seeing angles that hide my bulges
Chin up or down but not double chin
Tucking tummy in or wearing a shape wear

I am the Eve of Eden garden
Forbidden to bite cheese
Binges that I crave for the most
Elude that corset farther more

Resolutions are formed every day
Only to break it like a politician
Every stretch and run brings tears of pain
Yet a few hundred grams is what I lose

Fighting to keep head high with respect
Tossing piles of tissue wiped with insults
Offensive, defensive and indifference
Are shields in sizes to save my image!

Senseless mocks are blows I try to miss
Sometimes it hits squarely below the belt
Leading to tear soaked pillows in night
Adding more kohl to morning’s puffed eyes

I fiercely battle with world everyday
I cajole myself to run that extra mile
I shamelessly fail to keep up my diet
I try not slipping into self-loathing

I want to triumphantly win this battle
Not for people to be dumbstruck
Not to answer those insulting remarks
Not to get appreciative nod of vile men

Because I want to be fit and healthy
Because I want to wear that lovely dress
Because when I look at the mirror
I want to soar and not sulk at my image

1 comment:

  1. Lovely analysis, quite naturally every man or woman feel the same till they reach it, for they can only inch but not jump the hump.