Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Choice- My view-An Apology Letter

Before you jump into the conclusion that this is either a howler at Deepika Padukone or hailing her as the epitome of feminism, let me tell you all, this is just my reaction to all the hulla-bulla going around.
As far as I understood, the video just talks about how its choice of a woman to lead her life the way she wants. Yes, there are a few points I don’t agree with. A few points even startled me. I don’t completely buy the school of thoughts in the video.

But, that’s the whole idea of the video! I don’t have to agree with it. ITS MY CHOICE. What bothers me is the reaction to this video. My pure Indian brothers and holy sisters seem to be offended by this video at large and are being judgmental. My dear fellow citizens, where were you all when women were being objectified? You seem to be pretty fine to ogle at others’ spouse or even push it to extra-marital affair, but can’t accept it when it is told open in the light?

It is neither promoting infidelity nor is it propagating illicit sexual encounters. It is alarming to see my dear facebook friends calling names and using filthy language for the video. Where are your manners? Your tolerance level is disappointing! Acceptance is undue expectation. Can’t we tolerate it?
Yes, it is feminism gone crazy! A little hypocrite too! By all means, feel free to rape a woman because of her dressing. Be ready to moral police her for demeaning behavior. But get ready to handle that disrespectful stares and cocky behavior from women. If it’s your choice to react the way you want, then it’s our choice to treat you the way we want!

A final word: Protest; condemn; even castigate; ITS YOUR CHOICE! My only request is, do it with dignity! Your filthy language just shows what you have in store to give the world! I personally don’t want such Men/Women in my friend list. I shall unfriend them. Sorry, we don’t gel well!

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