Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wedding Bells on its Way…..

Ever swore that you will never do something because it is against your character? I wouldn't -for the love of world- show that I am excited seeing food coming my way in the restaurant. Something like this.. That’s how exactly I feel now as I pen this blog.

I never thought I had even an ounce of excitement in me for arranged marriage. Marriage itself was a far cry in my to-do list. My career seemed to be hindering with marriage on cards. As means to an end, I thought I should eliminate this hurdle and the only way was by getting married.
But as groom profiles pour in, I started contemplating different possibilities. It is as thrilling as reading a gripping Sidney Sheldon novel. A page turner. A jittery high. Eyes alight. And to intensify the entire rush of emotions, came two songs.

“Manamaganin Sabatham” and “Manapennin Sathiyam”. I have been listening to them on loop for past two days. Such Beautiful lyrics with deep meaning. I am so stuck to them. I get goose bumps each time I listen to the songs. But that’s not where the emotions stop.

There is a new found excitement in me. About Wedding. The thrill to turn pages and find Mr. X. Not because its means to an end. But because it’s a new chapter in life. Probably, the most important too.  Jeez! I sound so cheesy even to myself. Many of my friends might read this with their jaws hitting the ground with disbelief. Some clapping their hands in glee with I-told-you-so look. Some with a disapproving look crinkling their nose and upturned pout.
My alter ego is flabbergasted with what is happening to me. Dreams, hopes, blush, shy (yeah, you read it right), grace, patience, nervous, expectant, happy, shocked, too-busy-to-care, lost-in-dreamland, scared-to-death, confused, excited, etc. etc etc. (No thesaurus used for word chain!)

Well. The writer in me is happy. She gets to write about different things that have never been on top of her priority list. There was a time once when I have asked with a disgusted look, “Why Love is the most frequent thing poets and writers write about. Is there a scarcity of topic?” I look like a fool now!

I am appalled with this blog itself. Sruthi talking about getting married? What more, she is excited about it! This is so not me… But then what am I? Life shapes you up differently at each stage. You look like a thorn carved out raw out of stone. But as time goes, you realize it’s a rose being sculpted. What it might morph to in future is a thriller. A nail biting gripping novel with unknown pages next. Enjoy the page, expect nothing and life will seem beautiful. Well, somewhere there has to be the style touch of old Sruthi right!

Humming the wedding vows of “Manapennin Sathiyam”, I am penning this blog with a ridiculous grin and sardonic smirk playing alternate. Fingers crossed and awaiting my Prince.. Nope.. My King! (Who wants a boy? We want a MAN!).

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