Sunday, 8 February 2015

Warped Love!

It is abstinence that comes naturally
For I perceive this world different
Weird might it sound to all others
Though acceptance isn't in my wish list

See world from my eyes
Hear words from my ears
Contemplate thoughts from my brain
You might begin to understand- if wiser

I am no saint to renounce
I am no martyr to sacrifice
I am just another human
With different nerve wiring

It’s really intimate to say
It’s not yet another day
Sure there is another way
But honestly I am jay

Is the concept so complicated?
That love is simpler than breathing
Bundle those ancient inhibition
You will find the concept liberating

Universal is the concept of love
Imprisoning is the law of man
Keep your vision longer
Assumptions will be a dangler

Words are definitely futile
Love is personally customized
What is right in your book
Is consciencely wrong in another’s

Don’t fret over explaining
Wasting time in justifying
Free style it does take
Like the grammar of this poem

It has the sinuous flow
Like the path of a new river
It finds its own way
Defying the laws of others

It is nature
It is scandal
It is bliss
It is love!

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