Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Confessions of a broad minded Woman- IX

“Hey, relax! I know what you meant. I don’t read between the lines.”

A white lie through the teeth. Even a thesaurus cannot come close to the meanings that we can spin off. From dissecting the sentence syllable by syllable, to observing the emoticon and pitch of voice, everything goes for a thorough scrutiny to understand what he meant.

I’m not joking here. Why do you think Screen shots are there? What do you think goes on in a hushed conversation in a girl’s group? We will give linguist enthusiasts a run for their money with our conversation analysis.

Another trade secret that you are not aware of is that, we are experts in mergers and acquisition. No no, not that finance specialization. We are capable of merging a random sentence that you spoke 10 months back with the message that you sent a couple of minutes back.

If a sentence that you told could be interpreted in two ways: one flattering andthe other accusatory, we will obviously take the accusatory. Of course, outside we will smile and be cool. But the frustration pile is adding up. One day you will face the volcano eruption.

To ice the cake, any random comment of yours that could be directly/indirectly, verbally/orally, wholly/partially connected to the ancient fight that we had, will be underlined, italicized and marked in bold.

Better give a disclaimer with every sentence or try clearing our cache memory often to enjoy uninterrupted broad-mindedness.

P.S: this article doesn’t qualify for boyfriends alone. It holds good for everyone.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- VIII

“Temptation will crack under the pressure of tempting me. I symbolize self control.”

Something that every broad-minded woman says holding her head high. The world can’t agree more. It is a true blessing that people can’t read our minds like Edward Cullen. If only they could, the true battle will be exposed.

Be it the urge to binge-eating or bite back with sarcasm at the work place, we control it so smoothly and talk as soft as satin. A deep breath, squaring the shoulder and a bright smile- temptation will run away with its tail between its legs. How heroic and nice it sounds?

Here is the villainy effort behind the screen. We see the chocolate dripping donut sprinkled with tidbits placed on the table. The brain and heart have the most heated conversation the UNO has ever seen.

Heart: Oh my god! Oh my god! I would trade my boyfriend for this donut.

Brain: Yeah right! Remember the weight loss goals we have. Forget it! Don’t think how it will taste. Don’t smell its aroma. Just don’t think how it will melt in your mouth. This is what we read. Come on, we can do this!

Heart: Duffer! Just by telling me what not to do, you made me think all those. Yummmmm! That appetizing aroma, the texture of silky chocolate between the fingers, the soft baked dough between the teeth… ooooh.. I want it! Now, now, now!!

Just when the fingers are about to reach for the donut, everyone around will start gushing on how strong we are by not tasting the donut. Huffff (sigh)…! There goes the donut. One last murderous look at it. The evil temptation that tried killing my will power is now cowering in the corner.

This is exactly what happens behind that squared shoulders and calm breath. Not just for a donut, but for many more things.

The new cute guy across the house, who has that sparkling dimple looks like a potential crush- Don’t even dream about it. Wounds are just healing.

That dazzling pearl earrings in the store- Baby, we are already broken for the month. Besides, you know that pearl doesn’t suit us.

One more tequila shot with lime- Hangover is already sure on tomorrow’s slot! When will you get a hold of yourself? Stop sloshing.

The boss who doesn’t understand your sarcasm- He ensures you pay your bills every month. Let’s call it a holiday for being sassy.

Next time you see a strong woman, turning down something beating the temptation, give her a standing ovation. Anyone who wins World War III single-handedly deserves at least this much. 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- VII

“I learn from my mistakes. I ensure I don’t repeat them again. Especially in my relationships.”

We could very well be saying how colourful the moon looks every other day. With all due self-credit, we do analyze the reason for a broken relationship. We play fair and square and make the balance sheet for both the parties. The prepared balance sheet goes for self assessment. Most often than not, we hit the bull’s eye and find out our mistakes too. Once found, we graciously bow down and accept it. After all, we are broad minded women who own up to their mistakes!

Not stopping with the realization, we also promise ourselves that we shan’t repeat the mistakes again. Imagine it like a permanent tattoo to reiterate. Just when we are healed and good, a new relationship starts. All goes good for a while. Then begins the true trouble. The dog’s tail as usual starts curling up. A pattern starts developing.

When we try stopping ourselves from breaking the pattern, our brain comes up with this super fool-proof logic: “No two individuals are same. Just because this was the problem in the last relationship, doesn’t mean it will screw up this time too.” Like the hypnotized cartoons, coils replace our pupils and we start doing the same dumb thing again.

Like the sixth confession http://penurheart.blogspot.in/2015/09/confessions-of-broad-minded-woman-vi.html , in the name of giving space, we might come across as Aloof and uninterested. But once again, in the new relationship, we end up doing the same ‘Space Travel’.

We do take precautionary step and be ready to retract the moment we see Red alarm going off. Still, sometimes we put our feet down and wail, “If I keep doing it, it means it is my character. Is the relationship worthy to change myself?”

Poof! There is the relationship breaker. We are aware of the wreckage too. But somewhere between being sensible and being stubborn, we end up doing the same mistake again. Sometimes, multiple times until it becomes a wakeup call to change the trait.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Missing you with no regrets

Days have rolled and you haven’t come by. I know for sure you wouldn’t turn up at my doorstep anytime at all. I don’t want to come in search of you again. I have lost you forever. There are moments of weakness when I wonder how I could have avoided all these. How things could have been different if we hadn’t drifted apart.

Mind is a powerful tool of imagination. It is also a repository of memories. Life has a rude way of slapping reality to life. The café across the street looks cozy even without us. The empty backseat of my bike doesn’t bother my rides. My mobile still keeps pinging with messages from others. Your name is gradually going down in the ‘frequently called’ list. The special ringtone kept for you, now rings for everyone.

I see new movies in the same theatre we went to. The walks around the race course still happens- with music. The void you left behind is slowly shrinking to a dull ache at the bottom of the heart. I could even manage a smile when I remember a random silly conversation of ours. I don’t feel the urge to run away somewhere, each time your memory pops up.

I have learnt to appreciate the good times we had and hold you dear only for that. The hurt and pain wasn’t your problem. Like everyone else, you had your reasons too: Situation, opportunities, incompatibility, I-was-too-good-for-you, burnt experiences and others.

You were there. Now, you are not there. What difference does it make? Technically, none. Days have same 24 hours and the seasons roll the same way. I get a promotion at work and your new opportunities are exciting enough to keep moving.

Life is funny. What was the center of my universe isn’t even a part of my universe now. Yet, the functionality is still robust. Love, warmth, pain, hurt- all are just frills of life. Life works the same sans the frills too. May be a little less artful- but intact and going!

I miss you. Truly. But no regrets.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

This is what I have to tell you tonight.. Everynight!

Love is age old, but there is nothing old fashioned about Love. Love is better experienced by those who are not in Love. That is the irony about love. Because until you fall in love, you are in love with the idea of ‘Love’. The moment you fall in love, it becomes person-specific rather than feel-specific. 

Somewhere deep down in the heart, the mystery of not knowing the person who is going to claim my heart and soul is exciting. I don’t have to be judgmental or predict anything. I have the freedom to imagine perfect scenarios in my head with the faceless, nameless guy who will be the centre of my universe.

Here is what I would like to tell my guy tonight and every night.

Statutory Warning: It’s a sappy romantic monologue. Nothing new that the world doesn’t already know.


The lyrics of a romantic song reminds me of you. It brings that small smile in my lips. These songs endlessly talk about the small things that I would like to do with you someday. May be read a book together; discuss Tom is smarter or Jerry is smarter; hum a song together; gossip about an actor; build up funny imaginary situations and laugh ourselves at it; play the ‘what-if’ game with each other; and so on.

I know I’m not perfect. I have issues with myself and there are situations when I can’t stand myself. Hold on then and just let the wave pass. I’ll bounce back soon. I might not approve your taste of movies or games. But I will give you the space, stand a foot away and watch you enjoying yourself with a smile.

I will challenge you now and then in your area of expertise- even though I know nothing in it- just to make our life interesting. I will let you vent out how bad you day was and wouldn’t mind taking the heat of it if you are in a sour mood. Your boys’ time will be your boys’ time. No grudging goodbyes or nagging phone calls in between. I will not act stupid on purpose in the name of boosting your ego. Instead I will bet your friends’ gang for a game in the console; beat them and boost your ego.

Together we’ll create a bucket list and start ticking them off. Screaming our lungs out in the top of the mountain; a road-trip vacation; learning a new art together; playing pranks on our friends; follow that secret passion of yours and many more.

We’ll have good, bad and ugly days. I will see your bald patches coming and you can see my dark circles without kohl. We’ll pull each other’s legs, argue a little; may be even fight at times. That’s how we will grow up. But I promise, when you go to sleep every night, I will do everything in my power to put a smile on your face. We’ll have no carryover quarrels.

I might not make your destination beautiful; I might not make your world come to standstill each time I smile; I might not have been the girl you dreamt to marry- But My Love, I will be your best friend in the journey; I will make the world say you are the best husband in the world; I will make sure your bad days are tolerable; I will love you every day and make you feel special!

Come soon..
Waiting with Love..

Monday, 21 September 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- VI

“I’m not clingy. I understand and I let go of people when the time comes.”

Half of the statement is true, while the other half is not. Yes, we aren’t clingy. We wouldn’t want to be the needy one in the relationship. Hardly will we give that impression. We are broad-minded and independent and that’s what we will be. You will never experience the queen-bee bugging or the annoying pestering.

Having said that, we aren’t immune to the emotional bonding creeping its roots deep into our heart.  Whether we are the ready-to-be-friend-anytime type or I’m-picky-as-pickle type, we do invest our emotions and seal the bond. Devil-may-care attitude isn’t our modus operandi in relationships.

So, in a friendship or even relationship for that matter, even a few days of silence bothers us.  With our tolerance quotient, we may give the space and wait for you to turn up. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t worrying. The anxious-meter would hike up several notches making our brain conjure all logical conclusions (Which includes hit-by-Alzheimer, grave-offense, tapeworms-in-brain, etc etc).

The best that we would do is, sit back, chew our nails and wait for you to turn around. Occasionally, we might ask what’s eating you. We wouldn’t make it a habit for the fear of nagging you. Weeks or months later when you turn up, we will be all smiles and pep talk as if nothing has changed. But remember, we expect an explanation. Not because we are clingy but because we were waiting and tried not disturbing your space.

Gone will be the broad-minded woman if you fail to do this. You will face the snarky, sting-tongued woman who would make you wish for the inferno to save you. Dare not to whine later saying, “You are supposed to be a broad-minded woman. Stop overreacting. I thought you were cool with it.”
We are cool. We are broad-minded. We will give the space. We will understand. We will let go. We will wait. That’s a part of who we are. We don’t want to be branded clingy. But if you could hear our thoughts during those times, you would freak out that you will ask us to consult a shrink for obsession.

Mind you! “We aren’t clingy. We understand and let go of people when the time comes. If you ever choose to return, better come with an explanation or we will make hell-hounds look like puppets”

Friday, 21 August 2015

Living With Myself

Unspoken words are sweet;
Unthought words are sweeter
When both are expressed unfiltered
The world becomes happier.
The relentless banter is on
With no complaints or regrets!

Companionable silence is unshared
No edgy pressure to fill the void
This emptiness is the universe-
Filling in and making one with One
It's null, vacuum and void
Stretched to infinity in a loop

Arguing without being judged,
Debating without bitterness,
Questioning without absurdity,
Contemplating without influence,
Introspection the world calls it-
Subtly naming the turf of thoughts

Moody does it look like in exterior;
It's a tango with myself inside.
To and fro, swing and glide, I do
Not in rhythm to any music;
I'm my own audience to witness,
To applaud with amusement

My comfort harbor to be ashore,
My company in a lonely crowd,
My solace in times of hurt and pain,
My think tank brimming with ideas,
My enemy in calling out my flaws,
Myself with my self for my selfishness!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- V

I value every individual's idea and I'm not over protective.

What we mean by this is totally contradictory to the literal meaning that you understand out of it. We definitely do value individual ideas and space. In fact, we fight for it and can't tolerate the personal space being invaded by anyone. Not just our personal space, but anyone's personal space. You can find us with an armor and sword to jump and defend everyone’s personal space.

Every individual is entitled to their opinion and ideas. They have the right to make mistakes, fall down and learn from them. It’s not anyone’s duty to go and protect others. Everyone needs a shade and not a second shadow. The mistakes might be costly and the scar might be deep. But it is an individual’s choice and their experience. Jumping and taking a bullet every time is not going to let the other person learn at all.

What an individualistic idealist thought! Now, let that someone or other one be your significant someone- your younger sibling, a close friend, or your child. Would you sit back and let them go and fall down? Or will you rush and stop them before they fall?

Logical answer: Tell the pros and cons and let them decide for themselves. After all, it’s their life and they are a separate identity from you.

Emotional answer: No way. I can’t see them getting hurt. Let me save the pain and protect them from the evil clutches of the world. They will learn from other’s experience or when they are ready for it.

Confession: My brain keeps blocking me from making a face and stopping them. My heart lurches forward imagining all the worst case scenarios. I pretend that I’m totally cool outside not showing the inner turmoil. I silently vow myself that any minute they fall down, I will rush and pull them up and give a ‘told-you-so’ look. That way, I can ensure that next time they will listen to my ideas and I can protect them.

The beauty of personal space, individual identity and, self-experience are that, it is applicable at individual level. They work with the extended social circle and society too. But when it comes to the closely knit emotional circle, logic falters and over-protectiveness overtakes. And, it takes tremendous effort to keep it in check and not go paranoid about the significant people’s pain.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bills and Moons

Not an earthly person I am anymore
Jupiter or Saturn would I rather be
A single moon is always monopoly
With no spice or variety for life

Hope waxes with the crescent moon
So does it wane with the vanishing moon
Despair and emptiness are the leftovers
With the single moon and hope as only choice

My sky twinkles with myriad moons
Waxing and waning all the time
No void or barren space to desolate
For I am spoilt with staggering choices

They are inimitable peers of love
Epitomes of various shades of love
Sporadic or standard do they show up
All I do is bask in their ethereal love

Moon matters or moon’s warmth matters?
Man matters or man’s love matters?
Anchor the love and not the source
For its form that changes not the essence

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Descending Darkness

Those few minutes before the sleep,
Seems to tick away like ages.
The darkness looms above:
Descending as a thick fog upon me.
As much may I try to shut the eyes,
The thicker does the fog gets.

Looming above with snarky face;
Is the fog that swirls around.
It haunts, torments and injures;
Slashing, puncturing the wounds.
I try getting away from the abyss,
But the weight in heart crushes further.

Eyes sting with unshed tears,
Lungs constrict and gasp for breath,
Lips fervently chant your name,
Teeth sink into lips to muffle the scream.
Memories try hard to hold onto your smile-
It is the feeble light in darkness.

The smile turns into an evil grin
You turn and walk away from me.
Arms stretched I reach out for you,
But my scream is voiceless to hear.
The darkness descends swiftly
And I’m engulfed with no mercy.

Resurfacing is harder than a moth’s
It’s only monochrome when I come up
Everything sized down to plainness
The birds’ chirping is an annoying noise
The rising sun marking another day-
Of perpetual darkness and monotony.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- IV

I am like the calm waters; do I get neither excited nor agitated!

We could be describing Tsunami as well: a small wave that touches the tip of the nearby building. Under the calm and clear water is the tectonic plate which dangerously vibrates now and then. A wise girl is not one who covers up emotions but who truly knows to manage them. We hardly do that.

A cute guy looks at us- we instantly beam. The crush whom we had been stalking on social media drops a friend request- we fist pump in air. Birthday surprises- Mentally we pole vault thrice. New dress shopping- We are jumping and clapping hands in glee. We get super excited for all these. But what you see outside is the calm demeanor that gives nothing away about what is going on inside.

That silly comment about our look- We want to slap. That opinion on sleeping late- We want to make you sleep forever. Calling us feminist- we want to thrash your skull into the nearby slab. But the ozone layer between the thought and action is our sanity. The agitation and irritation know no bounds in these cases. Sometimes it’s easy peasy to handle excitement and hide that hideous goofy grin. But ripping that idiotic head is a problem. At least there will be the urge to lash out with word-whip.

Only our pillows face the real us. Cuddling with them when happy, punching it in anger or crying into it whole night- it never questions. That’s how we are fresh as a daisy next morning to face the world like a diva.

What bothers is most of the times; we are not managing emotions but just concealing them. That is not real broad-mindedness. That is a façade. But sometimes to practice to manage emotions we need the façade. Ten times we try, eleventh time it becomes our habit. There goes a saying,

“However you feel inside, get up; dress up; show up!”

That’s the mantra in which we operate. It’s not that we don’t want the world to know how sensitive we are. It’s just that we want the world to look at us the way we want them to. Not the giggling, jumping girl; but the broad-minded, forward thinking, self-sustained woman.

But yes! Inside we are the silly girls who ogle at donuts; chant our crush name 100 times a day; adore ‘strawberry girl’ and get annoyed when the Popsicle melts and runs down the arm. The waters are always calm and clear. Yet, there is a whirlpool that could zoom out anytime!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Hearth's smell after the first rain
Crisp leaves at the end of the fall
Snowflakes melting in hand
You are a requiem of these!

A chill breeze on a sunny day
A warm quilt on a winter night
Blossoms of the spring
You are a requiem of these!

A pint of water for the dry throat
A soothing string for the ear
A sumptuous meal for the taste buds
You are a requiem of these!

A seat by the window
A metro sans pollution
A signal without traffic
You are a requiem of these!

Gentle strokes of comb through hair
Skipping beats of a  racing heart
Tranquil sleep in trouble times
You are a requiem of these!

A book that urges to think
A mindless banter with a friend
A surprising serendipity
You are a requiem of these!

A sweet song of the happy times
A thought spoken at the same time
A long walk in the drizzled evening
You are a requiem of these!

You are a requiem of laughter
You are a requiem of love
You are a requiem of life once I had
'Cause you are only a requiem!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Confessions of Broad Minded Woman- III

Mom, stop hovering! I can handle myself.
A white lie through the teeth. Trust me! Boy trouble, bad boss, shitty work day- we got them all nailed. Immaculately self-dependent and stable from outside. Yet, inside there is always a turmoil that runs. Can I handle this anymore? Is my decision right? What if I screw up all those I have made so far? Millions of questions.

A modern woman is always pictured as someone who, when fallen down would rise, brush off the dirt from elbow and say, “hey cool, that happens! So where do we go next?” Not a hint of embarrassment or weakness. A broad minded or strong willed women is not one who doesn’t have weakness-that’s mythical- but one who can identify those moments of weakness.

Most of the times this is not the case in man-woman relationships. We are ready to face those troubles. But a cold shoulder from mom: that freaks the hell out of us! I only want solitude (read, not independence- for nobody holds my freedom) to the extent where I am trusted and respected by my family and not to the extent where my parents don’t give a damn about my decisions and whereabouts.
That’s not independence. That is ignorance. My exam dates, guidance in financial decisions, stuffing that lunch pack in the bag- I love all those. I crave for all those. It is not weakness. It is affection. I don’t want to be a Tarzan in the jungle albeit having every kith and kin.

This idea doesn’t confine to parents alone. That over bossy aunty who is more interested in my marriage than her daughter’s, the uncle who seems to know my career better than myself, everyone of these.

I complain, I’m annoyed, I’m even rude at times- but that’s what relationships are all about. Not a bed of roses all the time. We fight, we argue, we hate, and yet we love too. Sometimes, it is the attention, other times, it is the hidden care and affection. We do make a fuss about it all the time!

I’m a broad minded girl not out of chance. It was the conscious choice you parents made while nurturing me. So yeah, with a certain predetermined notion I ward off you and your care. But honestly, I crave for it and I love it when I get even when I’m being an ass!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- II

I'm not Jealous

Exclusivity is good, but not possessiveness. In line with the same comes jealousy. That friend of yours who has long hair, or the other female who has brains more than wonder - won't an earth quake eat them up?

Listen men, it’s not obscene stupidity. Most of the time you wouldn't even know that we are jealous. Because, like I said, we are good in hiding.

She is a great girl. I admire how she is so brainy and beautiful at the same time. She manages everything so well. Her witty quotes definitely need a standing ovation. But what makes her look like monster is your reaction.

Your admiration is enough to spark that wild fire of envy. What makes it spread is your open comment on how good she is and where we fail. You wouldn't be complaining but making a mere observation.
Still, she is winning over the areas we can't fathom to think about. Imagine being on fire all the time and it gets fuelled from time to time. Yet you can't show you are burning because you are super cool. How does that sound? Bad, right?

On outerset it will sound funny but it is a terrible feeling to go through. Jealousy is a product of comparison and imbibed insecurity. This feeling is hard-wired in women’s brain. Have you wondered why women are more competitive and always want to be a forerunner? Jealousy in play- but in positive way.

Most of the Indian households are financially stable and have an own house because of jealousy. Men, be grateful that your lady is jealous. It makes you worth the fight and definitely enhances your life style too.

Women, because we agree that it’s hard-wired, don’t go over the board and creep him out. Keep the jealous in check and know that your man means no harm when he appreciated the other woman.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Confessions of a broad minded woman- I

Disclaimer: This series of article is a real-life reflection of what’s happening around. Resemblance of any character is purely INTENTIONAL and is recommended to be taken with a pinch of salt and good humor.

I am not possessive
 A so called broad minded girl’s first few words in a relationship. “Whew. Possessiveness is for fools. I will give my man the space he wants and will demand the same too.” What she is trying to tell you here is that she doesn’t mind her guy bird watching other girls when they are out. What the man reads: That’s an open ticket to stray. Not that I will stray. But if some rare opportunity comes my way, I don’t have to shy away or feel guilty.

Nothing wrong in what the guy reads. Because, that’s what a girl literally tells him. Unfortunately even she doesn’t know the meaning of what she spoke.

A friend of mine told the same to her guy with whom she had open relationship. One, since it being open relationship, there were no big binders. Two, she always portrayed herself as the most broad-minded, forward thinking woman and kept repeating, “I don’t understand the meaning of possessiveness. It is just a glossy word for insecurity.” Unfortunately her guy met another girl and had a fling with her. He did not go back on his relationship with my friend or let this fling affect the relationship. It was the same as ever. But my friend couldn’t take it up. She felt heartbroken. She felt her place was replaced in his life. She wasn’t possessive. But something pricked her.

When we met for a coffee, this is what she told: “Sruthi, I was stupid. I blew it all in the name of possessiveness. Now I can’t react to him because I was the one who gave him open ticket. Yet I can’t take this too. This is so damn bothering me. How could it happen when I am there? It is just not fair.”

Not just my friend. Many of us, in the name of sounding uber cool or acting matured, royally mess up this part. Expecting your partner to stay with you is not possessive. It is called EXCLUSIVITY. Regardless of marriage or open relationship, exclusivity matters. The name you give to it might change. But the flavor is the same. My man is my man. Sharing is not caring here.

Men, beware next time you hear: I am not possessive. Girls, think a little before you tell “Possessiveness is for fools”. It is okay if you want your guy only for yourself. Let your broad-mind mask not make you put your feet in your mouth.

Monday, 25 May 2015

10 problems that an Introvert faces everyday

There’s a proverb: Talk less, work more. There are people who talk lesser and least. Psychology calls them introvert while there are other names branded on them. You might be the one who is always misunderstood for your silence or on the other side of the fence and have a misconception about less talking people. Being an introvert is more difficult than ever because of the modern times and social pressure. As a forced extrovert, who better than I could point out the problems that an Introvert faces every day. Go ahead and understand the poor souls. If you are one of the poor souls, nod your head and share this (let people around you understand.)

1.       The halo of Rude and Attitude
Because we talk less, we are always given the title of rude. That we show our attitude and don’t converse socially because we are too proud of a kind. Sadly, the truth is other way around.

2.       The fear of being misunderstood
An introvert constantly checks what he/she speaks for the fear of being misunderstood. Unlike extraverts, we don’t have a way with words (at least while speaking) and sometimes stop mid-way on what we were about to tell.

3.       Difficulty in expressing
Yes! You read it right. Like I said, we don’t have a flow with the words and find it difficult to talk about how we feel. Added with the second point, we are left clueless on how to tell what we want to tell. Give us a paper and pen, and you will get the most poetic expression of how we feel.

4.       Being looked as social aliens
A small circle of friends who probably are sticking around for ages together now. No new friends or acquaintances circle. We get the weird stare and branded as social aliens. Lock us in a room with a stranger and open the door after 5 hours and we would have spoken hardly a dozen of words.

5.       Misfit in a party
Okay, if it is the small chosen circle, then we can say some witty quotes and make you laugh. A new crowd, thumping music, lots of people, we are lost. You will find us in a corner checking out a book shelf, music collection or humming the lyrics with a glass.

6.       Telephone calls that doesn’t last more than a minute
Not that we are not interested to know if you had had breakfast or your nail has grown longer than the last time, it is just that it doesn’t cross our mind at all. I mean, I want to tell you that I’m coming over the weekend to get that new book from you. And oh yeah, I miss you and want to see you too! (See, it is easy to type than to speak).

7.       Lectures on benefits of socializing
Each time we are caught alone with a book or music player, immediately the over friendly extravert launches themselves into a long lecture on the benefits of socializing or how I would die alone because I am an introvert. Every time it is the same: You will have nobody to stand by you. Then how come they are there talking to me?

8.       Talking is Taxing
Imagine taking 30 pushups after having a heavy lunch. That’s how it feels to talk for more than 10 minutes for us. Yes, it is energy draining and leaves us exhausted more than you think. It is not that our vocabulary is poor but talking them seems like a strenuous exercise.

9.       I am not UPSET!
I’m sitting quiet and calm because this is me. I’m not brooding over spilled milk or upset about something. I just don’t have the habit of jumping around and being buoyant. Please stop bugging with your misplaced concern.

10.   Assuming that I’m a Genius
This is the worst of all. Because I don’t talk doesn’t mean that I know the cube root of PI like the back of my hand. I have limited intelligence and I spend a great deal of time thinking about random stuffs or simply gazing out of the window. My silence is not directly proportional to my intelligence.

Dear extroverts, want a friend or partner who would patiently listen to all that you are jabbering? Go find that introvert in the gang and start hanging out. After all, if all are extroverts who would listen to you then?
Dear introverts, don’t keep musing over how your words will be understood? Also, don’t fall prey for the social pressure of being an extrovert. Embrace your personality and be who you are until you feel the need to change for yourself.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


Okay, the above is the regular statistics that you come across these days propagating why there are so many grooms but not so many brides in the country. But, the available grooms do screw it big time and cut off any little chances left to get his bride. This article brings you just a few of those..

#1.  Clinging on to that ex-girlfriend

Okay dude, we do understand there was that Cinderella in your life and she smiled like an angel. But could you get over her and not just talk about it to the bride-to-be? After a point it becomes exasperating.

#2. Being a Momma’s boy
We girls see flashing Red sign each time you talk about how you can’t let go of your momma’s saree. Hey, we will love her too. But you the scare the living daylight out of us each time you talk about her perfection. We sense a war coming up and understand which side you’d take up.

#3. Feigning a narrow mind
The girl brings to the table as much as you do. She doesn't need you for any support other than emotional one. And your words about how she should dress up or give up that occasional drinking, makes you sound exactly like a mummy (the Egypt kind, don’t give a nasty stare) from eons old.

#4. Superiority complex
We love men who are tall, dark and handsome, who could stand up for themselves and us too. But that doesn't mean you have to show that macho attitude to us. So what if you call us first or initiate that dinner plan? Just because you are THE GROOM or from groom’s side doesn't mean you have to demonstrate an upper hand.

#5. Underestimating the girls’ intellect
Boy, boy! When will you realize? She has a job, runs her family and is multi-tasking because she has brains. We don’t just swoon at Twilight and Shopaholic series. We do read Karl Marx and GDP growth. Stop zoning out conversations because you think she can’t handle it.

#6. Beauty and the beast
You want a perfect looking zero-size girl who is fair as milk and beautiful? Wait, are you Ranbir or Brad Pitt? Did you look at the mirror this morning and spotted that grey hair and lopsided lips? Telling a girl that her looks are substandard or letting your Groom’s side talk about the looks as a selection criteria shows how shallow your mind is.

#7. Brushing off her career as trivial
Expecting her to compromise her career, shift to your town and take up a job or worse expecting her to quit and take care of household chores is intolerable. We do understand that we have to compromise. But a little contribution and sacrifice from your side or genuine interest in our growth would make the compromise look worthwhile.

I’m not stereotyping men here. But dear men, please remember: We are in demand. IF not you, I would choose a better suitor. Unfortunately, statistics and society has ripped you off that choice. May be you will get a girl, may be not! If you want a real Woman to be your backbone and make your life better, please don’t do the above 7 things.

If you are a man and got agitated reading this and vehemently stand against these points, drop in your details. We girls would be delighted to meet the mythical man and marry too!  J

Monday, 11 May 2015

Hail the Queen!

My heritage runs deeper
I’m embargoed to question!
My Queen deserves treasure,
And hold bounties as she wishes!

Everything is Queen’s and King’s;
I’m only lent a morsel out of it.
But why do I care, because
This is democracy just in name!

My queen has a green thumb for arts
She likes giving us a show to enjoy.
Just like the yesteryear performances,
We know in the end she wins unequivocally!

Everything has a price to be bought,
Or is it loyalty to Queen’s service?
I’m witnessing consumerism at its best
Treading me a path to follow when I need.

When justice is a subjective term,
And all royals are usurpers,
My safe bet is my queen- For

She is the mother of my motherland!