Wednesday, 19 November 2014

GM Diet challenge experience

This comes as a consolidated blog because of various reasons.

  1. I was held up in work.
  2. I was lazy to write. 
  3. I fell sick on day 5.

Yeah, the above reasons are the factors that you are reading this as a consolidated blog. GM diet has definitely broken certain myths and created a few new ones too. This blog is only a personal experience. But, I should definitely thank the random coincidence in which I got to know about the GM diet.

I wanted an encouraging push in my weight loss regime and GM diet came as a wonder in it. It has helped me lose a few kilos rapidly and give me the moral boost to continue further in the Herculean task of losing 29 kgs totally. Readers can find my diet chart below. Any further queries can be posted in the comment section.

Okay.. Okay! Enough of the prelude..! We are all interested in nothing but the results. GM diet helped me lose 3.5 kgs in a span of 7 days despite falling sick for three days in the end.
What did I eat?

I am a vegetarian and a raw vegan for breakfast and lunch. So, adapting to this diet was comparatively easier. Still, I had to drink milk for breakfast on day 4 and consume brown rice for lunch on day 5, 6 and 7. Below is the detailed chart:

Day 1
Assorted fruit bowl of Pears, Apple
A bowl of water melon
Day 2
1 glass of Ash gourd juice
Bowl of diced Ash gourd and crated beetroot
Two bowls of wonder soup
Crated carrot
Day 3
1 glass of Musk melon juice
Cucumber and Carrot slices
A bowl of watermelon
Pomegranate and pear
Day 4
1 banana and 1 cup of skimmed milk
A cup of wonder soup and 1 banana
1 cup of milk
2 bananas
Day 5
Crated cottage cheese with capsicum, onion and tomato
Half cup brown rice with curd and one tomato
Half cup Brown rice porridge with curd and 4 tomato
Day 6
1 glass of Carrot juice
Half cup Brown rice porridge with curd
Half cup Brown rice porridge with curd
Wonder soup
Day 7
Bowl of watermelon
Half cup Brown rice and curd
Half cup brown rice with curd
Apple juice

There were no dips in the energy level during the diet. I was active as ever and indulged in work-outs and sports. However, by end of day 5 I fell sick. Had high temperature and throat pain. Doctor diagnosed a severe throat infection and was given heavy anti-biotic dosages. She also clearly mentioned that GM DIET WAS NOT THE REASON FOR SICKNESS AND ADVISED TO CONTINUE THE SAME DURING MEDICATION TOO.

The sickness did take a toll on my work-out regime. I couldn’t do any of my regular workouts. I sincerely doubt that, had I done workout for the last three days too, I would have lost a little more. It’s okay!

I am planning to continue this diet intermittently along with my work outs to reach my target weight of 57. I weighed 81.5 when I started the diet and at the end weighed 78.

To maintain this and not gather back the lost weight, my raw vegan diet shall help.  

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