Thursday, 13 November 2014

GM diet challenge: Day 2

Last night I successfully ended day one of GM diet with dreams filled of Sambar Rice rich with aroma of ghee and onions and carrot. Yummmm.. Just recalling makes my mouth water. But morning my weight machine shooed away all the demons. Yeah, there was a weight reduction of 1.1 kgs. I know it is just fluid weight loss, still, I felt like kissing my weight machine. Can there be a better start for the day? There I had enough confidence to sail through Day 2 of GM diet.

Here goes my Day 2 Chart:

Today’s Weight: 80.4 kgs

Breakfast: Glass of raw pumpkin juice
Snack: Crated Beetroot half- raw
Lunch: A bowl of raw pumpkins and crated Beetroot
Snack: 2 diced raw carrots
Dinner: Two bowls of Wonder soup
Had 8 glasses of water.

Felt no side effects. In fact, had a very energetic day playing and running around with kids. Beating the temptation was quite difficult. But envisaging loose Kurtas helped overcoming. So did reading the success stories of people who took up the diet. Even as I write this blog, my mind is wandering to the delicacies reminding their lingering tastes. Day 5 has cottage cheese in it (Inside I’m dancing in 
glee for that). So yeah, successful Day 2 ends.

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