Wednesday, 12 November 2014

GM Diet Challenge- Day 1 Experience

Being bubbly (Read Obese) and lively, I had seldom been a believer of dieting. If there are only to categories of people: People who live to eat and People who eat to live, I would definitely fall under the first category. What is the point in exerting your time and effort to earn money if you cannot spend it to have that favorite lasagna? Foodies will know what I am talking about.

When I was first spoken to about Raw Vegan dieting, I didn’t understand the head or tail of it. How can you survive with raw vegetables, fruits and nuts? But, when I saw the results in my friend, I was intrigued to know more. I am not referring to weight loss and getting into shape here. I am referring to glowing skin and youthful look. Who wouldn’t want it? Amazing it looked. Yet, it took me a month to mentally get prepared to follow the diet.

Okay, this blog is not about Raw vegan dieting. This is about GM diet that I have started today. I shall post my experience for the next seven days and the results along with it. Now, now.. This is purely a weight loss crash diet I am following to shed a few extra kilos before my birthday (21 Nov 2014).

The diet looks quite simple given that I am already a partial-Raw Vegan.

Day 1 weight: 81.5 kgs (thanks to the hogging in past 1 week for gaining 1.5 kgs.)
Breakfast: A cup of half papaya
Snack:  one Orange
Lunch: A bowl of diced apple (2 nos.)
Snack:  one Orange
Dinner: A cup of half papaya and slice of Melon

Had almost 10 glasses of water.

Experience: Quite thirsty throughout the day. Evening was badly tempted to take a bite of that cheese puffs from my friend. I thought I will kill for it. Cheese is to be blamed for and not me. But, restrained myself by visualizing the extra weight loss. A 40 minute brisk workout with stretches, jogging and skipping. No fatigue or headache. May be because I am a Raw Vegan and my metabolism is already used to only fruits and vegetables. Felt light throughout the day.

What is life without experimenting and pushing your limits? Yeah, it is quite difficult to beat the temptation and keep up the will power. I have faith and persistence as my supporters to do this. And of course, the concept of delayed gratification of hogging those cheese and Paneer delicacies ( Mouthwatering even now).

Come tomorrow to know how it is progressing!

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