Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Digital Dustbin

Modern day Pandora box it is;
Beholding a whole world within.
Magic box does it look like;
Not more than a few inches thick.
A wonder still it is for many,
Gaping at how it works in a jiffy!

Limits it does have in bits and bytes;
Squeezing and cramping unfeasible.
Yet it has space to hold information,
Beyond the idea of space dimension.
Unity in diversity it believes in;
Accepting all with open arms!

A file stored is like a grain of salt,
Saved securely in the Dead Sea.
Searching for this needle file
Is a conundrum than the hay stack!
Digitized is the collected garbage,
Tucked in the depths of Duat! 

Similar surnames sabotage sanity;
Redundancy reigning retrieval.
Digital dustbin in disguise it is;
Detangling data becoming a dream!
Indigenous intellectual it requires,

To sort and seek through this madness!

1 comment:

  1. Superb imagination. Well compiled and written poem. Great. Well if you apply the same analogy to the various small and big things that creep into our brains through our mind and gets stored in the inner layers of the brain, some useful and absolutely useless, some important, yet not retrievable easily and some very trivial ,.......... the man after imitating everything he could and left with nothing more to imitate, started imitating himself, to create this Pandora's Box.