Sunday, 30 November 2014

Daughter's letter to her mother

Dear mother,

I know that I am pretty wild at times. I know that I sound crazy at times. I know that my dreams scare you. They give you sleepless nights making you worry about my future. I know that you love me from the day I was a zygote in your womb. I know that you secretly swell in pride each time you see me achieve.

Today, I want to tell you something. I know you will flip out and start your drama again tonight. Still, I want to say something. For the sake of our own good. This is an attempt to bridge that unseen void between us that brings up the fight every time.

Ma, please understand that we both are from different times. Most of the things do not work the way it used to. Leaving my hair open or waking up late on a Sunday is perfectly normal. So is talking about taboo subjects. But, love still remains the same. We are old school when it comes to choosing our man. It might look like I am flirting with many jerks and on phone round the clock. But I know where to put the end credits for a boy's episode in my life. Your little daughter has inherited that strong women intuition from you.

You brought me up telling fascinating stories and taught me standing up for myself. You advocated me to be independent and strong headed. I understand your so called fear of what my would-be in-laws would think of my night pants and slang. Whenever you get such a panic attack please remember that you have taught me manners and decorum too. I can woo those aunties and make you proud any day. It's a cake walk, Ma.

Last but not the least, please do not threaten me with marriage as a punishment for my wildness. You can't get me married off because I crossed some arbitrary line. By telling so, you only make me hate the whole idea. Also you know that I am strong headed and won't accept the crap. Ma, I have the options that you didn't have at that age. And you too did not listen to all those that was told to you. You should understand that I have the right to make my mistakes and learn from it. Please stow that overprotective instinct of yours.

P.S: where is that pink Saree of yours? I need that for tonight's party.

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