Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Flame you are and Moth I am,
Attracted to your dazzling flame!
I know you will burn me;
Thinking it will scar me.
But, definitely trust me-
I will nothing but be ashes!

Whenever I see you walking
All I can do is only looking.
A tiny thought is nagging
That it will be forever yearning!
I know I should be fighting
‘Cause you are worth the pining.

I can’t win my inhibition;
Though you’re an obsession.
Your love is soul corrosion- and
My call is an abomination!
I should stick to indecision- but
It will bring only revulsion!

Waiting with sands of time
I deliberately let you ebb away;
A nice lady shall take claim
I shall be in emotional foray.
It will become a loaned love
Paying back my debts in kind!

Like the broken illusion of mirage,
You broke delusion with marriage!
Like clarity comes with damage,
My senses came with sabotage!
Grief that formed a blockage,
Made my senses to engage!

Love is nothing but letting go;
Love has nothing to do with holding back;
Far or near, my love is absolute;
Wear or tear, it won’t be obsolete!
Love has no fear attached to it;
Love is definitely hard to contemplate!

Renouncement is the peak of bond;
Realizing this shall make it fond!
Regrets: I hold none to lose you,
Reinforcing my love for you!
Retard might I sound to the world;
Rejoice at heart is all I hold!

Happiness shall come your way
Each and every night and day
From distance I shall behold,
With little love left untold
Oh, this is all bittersweet!!
Oh, this is all bittersweet!!