Friday, 13 June 2014

Filling my Platter

“I don’t fail when I fall down; I fail when I refuse to get up!”

“Athanaikum Aasaipadu” is a famous quote of Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation. Getting older day by day adds more items in my bucket list. There are so many things that I want to do and experience in my life. There are such varied things that are so contrast with one another in my list. If I feel my platter is overflowing, I just make my platter bigger but not throw the stuff away. They are there because I want them to be there.

The boundaries that I set around me are arbitrary. One of the biggest illusions of all time. I want to do so many things at the same time in my life. And yet, I keep restricting myself from doing so. For example, here is a high-end priority list
  • 1.       Complete my book
  • 2.       Improve my grammar
  • 3.       Lose weight
  • 4.       Regular job for financial needs
  • 5.       Kick start my initiative for transgenders
  • 6.       Party with my friends.
  • 7.       Explore various opportunities: content writing, training, marketing etc.

Well. The list might look small and pretty easy. But trying to do all these things simultaneously is not so. There is a well defended argument that shall say, “Do one thing at a time and give your best in it. Do one by one.” But what if I miss out and rust the list?

I want to stay in touch with everything I want to do. Do little, little every now and then. Yes, I am not very good at keeping up with everything and might lose momentum in certain activities or get caught with the tide in another activity. But, I don’t want to put these things in a box and choose only one to do at a time. Breaks and pauses are fine. Slipping and falling back a step is anytime better than never attempting to climb at all.  

 Now, having said that, there is no point in doing little in everything and achieve none at all. A balanced approach is the necessity of the hour. A considerable little in everything. I am still striving to find the same. But I have decided to do it and not relent at all.

I have further divided my list based on a timetable as every day, every week and occasionally.

Every day:
  • 1.       Complete my book – Write everyday
  • 2.       Improve my grammar- 15 minutes grammar exercise
  • 3.       Lose weight- Work out
  • 4.       Regular job for financial needs- A regular white collar job

Every Week:
  • 1.       Kick start my initiative for transgenders
  • 2.       Explore various opportunities: content writing, training, marketing etc.
  • 1.       Partying

Am planning to stick to this schedule and do a little in everything. A little step everyday shall make me go miles someday.

Do leave your comments and views on the same. Thanks in advance for the same.