Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Birthday Psalm for Ram

People call you myth and fiction
Least do they know your affection
History calls you superhero
Is it ‘cause of your bow and arrow?
You lived life in your own terms
Teaching me the same;

14 year vacation never stumbled your career
Telling me life is how you make it!
From You, Guhan and Sabari- I learnt
Friendship sans boundary and age!

You never demand attention
You are neither possessive
You seldom hold any grudge
Yet you are there always
Arms that I can run into
Friend whom I can always count
The intimacy that we share is
Beyond any known relationship!

You teach; You Guide;
You love; You save;
How can You not??
For You are I; and I am You!
A mirror reflection!
Something that only a few understand…

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