Friday, 6 December 2013

A journey of my writing experience

Becoming a writer had been my dream right from childhood. May be it runs in the blood. Even if not, writing is what I always wanted to do. Gradually, I started writing poems, short stories, book reviews, small articles and so on. A full novel though was a long shot. Can I do it? Do I have it in me? Can I do justice? above all these the hardest hurdle was my laziness.Yeah..! laziness.. it was bone deep and took a long time to scourge it out and take the pen.

But what will be the base concept for the novel? I didn't want to write a stereotypical love-breakup-patch up- novel. My novels should contain a message to the society I live in. All great revolutions have started with pen. I had a few big ideas. But they need utter dedication and research that I didn't want to make that as my debut novel. I didn't have that much courage.

At my Grandpa's death anniversary an idea for a novel struck me. A very non-platonic place for an idea to pop up but that's how my brain is wired. WE youngsters are so keen in knowing the family history of film stars or sport stars but give a damn to our family history. Don't we? Come on.. Who wants to hear to the boring story of ow our grandpa walked 3 miles a day to reach his school or how grandma was witty enough to save money in mustard box which helped to finish the house construction? 

Forget these.. Can you name the great-great-grandfather of yours?  Where he was from? his occupation? I can sense you pulling up one eyebrow and asking, " What are you coming to say?" Well... Its simple.. there is an extraordinary story in all our houses which we don't notice. 

Okay, so is it my novel theme? Gosh..! No... Hardly I'll have an audience if my book is going to be a long prose of bible commandments on respecting elders. How about a cool love story? Now Now...Its not the regular one.. India is just 100 years younger from now and my heroine is just 11 years younger to my hero.. How does this sound? 

No facebook, No whatsapp, No twitter, No BBM, No multiple parties to attend. Yet its a love story.. A love story with a different fragrance. There you have it.. :) My novel :)

I am planning to blog my writing experience. My journey through out this novel.. :) I'm geared up for this roller-coaster ride hoping to give my virgin readers a decent novel to begin with. Of course, I shall nail them later with my other ideas :) :)


  1. All the best... I reserved the first signature copy of your novel... :)

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  3. Good. Just go ahead and write the novel. Something that worked for me was writing one hour per day. Also, try to read some good books on the craft of writing.

    BTW, I have written and published one short novel called 'The Archers Revenge', as an eBook on Amazon. I will be glad to send you a copy. I value the comments of people who are in the literature field - I think that will make me write better novels in the future. If you want to read it and review it, contact me via the contact-form of my blog, and I'll send it to you. Rajesh K,