Sunday, 14 April 2013

Soldier For Women- My Mentor

Soldier for Women..!

Do not read the title and think that what you are going to read further is a yet another story of a man who stood up for a girl while harassment. With all due respect, those men who stand up during situations like such with courage are worth writing and deserve a salute. But, there are also these men who are a rock of support. Not stopping with support, they actually give the leverage and push women to greater heights which otherwise the women would have not even known existed.

Recognition was the first honor I received from him. Recognition of my talent. The patronizing tone and encouragement for my passion when I was mostly faced with questioning looks was such an energizing one. Our relationship started from then on. He was there with me for my big placement interview. Encouraging and spotting me even in the sea of several hundred heads.

New place, new people, new atmosphere, and I were totally lost in the fun and frolic of my first job. I did not even bother to call him and tell that we were comfortable. The whole placement drive was a CSR initiative from his b-school, BSBS Business Academy and he was driving the drive. After a couple of months, through a mutual friend I got to know it was his birthday and used that opportunity to apologize for my bad behaviour. There was the same warmth in his voice. No coldness, no hard feelings. I sensed the true forgivingness from him. The same conversation helped me to work on another Social activity with him. Or rather should I say, he gave me another opportunity to grow. His confidence in me was the fuel to run those extra miles. And there he was always smiling and patting my shoulders in every extra mile of mine. He gave me an extended family when I was on my own in a new city.

He is the brother whom I never had before. He is my mentor. My well wisher. The best boss I ever had. A great friend. A person whom I know that will always be there to catch me before I fall down and more than that who had already taught me how to not hurt my knees and elbows even if I happen to skid. The sort of confidence he has in my skills never fails to give me the feel good factor. The endless opportunities which he keeps hinting every now and then; the wisdom in his words when I run to him with a conflict; the support in all my new ventures; the righteous anger on any form of harassment; the respect he shows towards womanhood; the love for his little daughter and much more. 

He is the kind of a man every woman needs as some or other relation in her life. He is the real soldier a modern and empowered woman needs. The toss of fate’s dice turned in my favor to have him in my life as my Mentor, Brother and Well-wisher. When I stumbled on this campaign, he was the first person to hit my mind. This post is a tribute to my SELVA SIR and I sincerely wish it to be an inspiring one for other men to be like him. 100 SELVA SIRs in every state can turn Indian women the most empowered community in the world. 
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  1. Wow.. gud you wrote about someone who means so much for you.. Apart from our cherished relationships in life, sometimes some very special people light our life and act as saviour..