Friday, 19 April 2013

First Soldier for every girl!!

Yes, just as the title tells and like many other posts you have read, this is about my dad: first hero of my life! It is not fair from my part if I don’t write about the man who taught me what courage is. Right from those first little steps I took to my career, he was always there guiding me. But that’s not why I call him a soldier. He is a soldier because he is a true believer in women empowerment and strongly facilitates that.

He raised me as an independent thinking woman. Sparking reading habit, he lit the light of wisdom. When I chose my career, with full confidence he backed me up and let me explore the world on my own. But that is what every dad does, isn’t it? Then what is so special about this man that qualifies him as soldier? 

He is the soldier I have always admired. He is the soldier guiding my mom through the battle of empowerment. He made the mundane housewife an inspiring entrepreneur of the city. He recognized her talents and flaunted it at the world. A battle to empowerment is not a cake walk. It requires a lot of effort, motivation, guidance and above all support. My dad gave all of these to my mom. 

Never once has he taken credits to her success. He always attributes her success to her abilities and meekly tells he was just a tool to trigger it out. But, witnessing their battle, I can bet you that hadn’t it been my dad, my mom wouldn’t have reached these heights today. 

If she is the kite flying high in the sky then he is the thread holding her high and also the wind beneath her wings. Like any Indian family, there were folk talks on discouraging my mom from becoming an entrepreneur after being mother of two kids. But there is no stopping to your scaling if your better half becomes the best half. That is what happened to my mom. My dad stood up for her dreams and hopes and continuously fuelled her spirit to become what she is today.

Growing up in a family of highly determined people with rocks of supports definitely took its toll on me. My dad was indirectly playing the role of soldier for me teaching to be a warrior not for myself but for others too. When the same folk talks rose against my initiative for transgenders, my dad beamed with pride and objectively analyzed my plans for better results.
He is a true soldier in every sense. I could already sense his reactions for this blog. He never fishes for compliments: the mark of a true soldier. He would definitely be embarrassed and meekly say “I’m just a tool to trigger what is already there in you.” But dad let me get this straight, “You are the soldier in mom’s life and I’m very sure I’d get a similar one who understands my dreams and pushes me towards it.”

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