Sunday, 14 April 2013

A comrade in the Battlefield

A soldier is not always meant to fight for and protect the weak. They are also the comrades fighting for their fellows in the battlefield. This post is an acknowledgement of such a comrade’s fight in my life. Sudev, my best friend for the past seventeen years. Give or take a year, still we are there together for a very long time. 

Right from the time we secretly exchanged pens at tuition till facing hiccups at office today, Sudev is always by my side. True to the definition of best friends, we never do any crazy things alone but what makes me write this post and claim him as a soldier goes very deep. To repeat some unknown’s words (Warning: little cheesy!) “He is my best friend and the worst enemy and so am I for him.” We both have seen the worst side of each other but still he seldom fails to be there for me. There were times when I have ditched him or he has wrecked me. But the trust after every mishap gets firmer and deeper.

He knows me at my worst, has seen my darker side, seen me shattered into pieces, but never once has he left his hold. He exactly knows what I need to hear when and trust me; he can make me normal in a matter of a few minutes. Instances when he has stood for me are innumerable and a single blog post wouldn’t be enough. 

When I was in deep trouble and life seemed so miserable from every side, he was the guardian angel. Next to my dad he is the man I feel secured with. A flat tyre, he will be there to walk with me. Confused with dress selection, he will be there patiently helping me choose. Trouble from local Romeos, he will be there to fix their misplaced interest. Upset about something, he will be there as a shoulder to cry on. Planning something crazy, he will be there to talk me out of it or at the least will make sure to watch my back.
If I had to count my blessings, Sudev would definitely be in the top five. If every girl has a friend like him, she would be climbing heights in 10x pace just as I am. He is a comrade fighting the battle along with me. By my side; shoulder to shoulder; ready to handle the extra pressure; knowing me inside out; making sure I’m not lost (not alone!); helping me fly high.

Guys out there, Sudev is just 23: a normal Indian guy. If he could be a comrade, I’m sure you could be too. Girls out there, I can bet you that there are umpteen comrades around you to help you reach where you want to land.

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