Saturday, 22 December 2012

Human- A yet another predator! Lets educate not train!

The current happenings around the world give me a new perspective to see the whole human race. Humans are no way different from other species that live on this earth. There is nothing called as “humanity- an organ” like heart and lungs which every human is born with. Humans are the most lethal predator in this earth. Killing the same species for pleasure and not for survival.

Be it the Delhi gang rape incident in India, or the shooting spree at the US, or massacre of just born babies in Iraq, there is no trace of so called “humanity”. And I don’t understand the anger and protests for ruthless punishments. It creates no big difference between the wrong doers and the law protectors. Neither is the punishment going to set things back as it were for the victims, nor the past punishments have had any desired impact on the society. Vengeance is never a solution. It only quenches the violence thirst momentarily.  
Justice itself is a very subjective term. What might look like perfect justice in one’s eyes shall seem atrocious in another’s eyes. Physical torture or anything of that sort is never going to stop people from embracing violence. Aren’t we the descendants of the people who decreed Jesus to a gruesome death and later worship Him?

Any society, Any civilization at any point of time in the history has faced barbarous incidents like these. Neither have they stopped nor have we improved. May be the scientists can find a way to remove the responsible genes from our DNA setup for a peaceful world! 

The entire excerpt above is easier said than done. Unless you are the victim or it directly affects you, it is easy to talk philosophies and thoughts and not be agitated. But honestly, furiousness or protests seem to be remotely fruitful.  None of the protests are going to bring back the lost lives or the girl’s life.  Let us leave it to the victims to decide how they want to go about this.

Fine! What do we do? Sit back silently munch some popcorn n watch these? Choice is yours. Either do that or be the spark of change. Change happens from you. Actions speak louder than voice. Educate your child about violence ( not how to use it as a tool). Say that shooting is fun only in video game but not in real life. Or make sure that no one tries abusing the little girl baby of your neighbor. Unreported crimes’ pile would be taller than many peaks in the world! Protest!, at your neighborhood; in your first circle. Be the spark of change!

I’m the catalyst here! I’m starting the change with my close network thru this blog. So are you the spark of hope and change?

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  1. Though I gladly accept to be a spark of hope and change, I would with the same amount of gladness, disagree for the no-punishment stand!
    Punishment is a wrong word to be used here. what we are trying to do here is medication. When there are germs and alike in your body, what is that you do? Give medicines to kill them and wipe them off! That is what our system is trying to do with Capital Punishments or Castration. Preventions (like shooting is fun only in video game etc) can be helpful to some extent. But you cant eradicate them. To do that you need medicines. Medicines to kill them. And there is of course a lot of difference between what they do and we do.! They are germs and worms. We are doctors! :)

    P.S. Readers can also find a different perspective on similar issue in the below link -