Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bankster- Book Review

Bankster is a financial thriller by Ravi. Amidst all those tech thrillers and history thrillers (Not that I complain) Bankster is a very different thriller with a different ground altogether. Not stopping with those hi-fi financial knots, the novel is also weaved with a ‘nuclear power conflict’ thread and ‘Diamond smuggling’ thread making it an artful tapestry.

The Protagonist having only 36 hours at his disposal, has to solve the series of cold blooded murders of the key employees in a bank and simultaneously unfold the mystery of the background which will reveal many shocking truths. Nothing is what as it seems! A fake company; a so called NGO with ulterior motive and what not!

The story on its own had followed a bunch of thriller protocol while breaking many. To name the broken rule, the story doesn’t start with a gripping start which is the conventional thriller protocol. But the twist with characters in the end is the exact ingredient of a thriller.

All the characters are well developed and matured is a big plus for the plot. Though there are too many characters, with clear plots it is pretty easy to remember. Same way, the characters are so alive and act according to the will of their own. No manipulations can be found. Ravi has clearly understood the twists of human behavior and has well handled them in crucial situations.

Bankster is one of the finest financial thrillers I have ever read along with ‘Not a Penny more; Not a penny less’ by Jeffery Archer. Ravi has an easy flow of words. No complicated words, No long sentences, I felt the book was apt for many young Indian readers. Sarcasm was at its peak during the climax (Which I really loved).

To name a few aspects which did not appeal like the rest of the story was the too many knots. Too many surprises and too many knots kind of acted like a spoiler. Also, there were many places where we know that some conversation happened but do not know the details of the conversation.  The same mystery would be resolved at a later point of time in the story. This technique has really worked magic in a few places, sending your curiosity to heights but at the same there were many places where this technique seemed like a flop leaving the reader quite irritated.

The corporate life portrayal by Ravi was good. He definitely has a knack for describing things. A well researched and intelligent novel! Being from commerce background, I felt proud that for the first time there are going to be those techy folks who are going to be awestruck with the kind of commerce tactics in the book (Just like how a non-techie would feel after reading Deception Point!). That too from an Indian author! (No offence!)

I could really see a glorious path ahead for Ravi and await more books from him. Bankster- A well choreographed piece of act making you bite the nails and turn the pages leaving you with rolling your eyes in the end.

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  1. Good one Sruthi... even after your review I am not gonna read this one :).... you know I love reading non-fiction...