Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Notable Newbie experience

"Recognition is what any artist could expect as an achievement"

First steps of the baby
First kiss of the love
First Blossom of the season
First ray of the sun
And so is the
First Recognition as a writer!

Thanks BloagAdda for the recognition!

I, as a writer feel privileged for getting the recognition from BlogAdda as a "Notable Newbie". What a way to encourage to young and writers! This recognition gives a sense of responsibility now on what I write as I know that people are reading my blog. Readers could visit for varied blogs. They have many awesome programs.

"A friend walks the road to success and tows you too"

Prem! He is the key behind my blogging and this exposure. He is a person whom I know that I can always count upon and look for some guidance in times of trouble. I wish to dedicate this recognition to Prem! Readers can a look at his heart too through :

I shall keep penning my heart!! :) :)


  1. Congrats for this Notable newbie Award....

  2. Hii, I have nominated your blog for Liebster Blog award kindly visit this link for more information. Thanks take care, Happy Blogging !
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  4. congrats!!!!chechi!!! :) :) osm maybe one of the best awards a writer can get simply superb!!! :)keep penning ur heart... :)