Friday, 26 October 2012

'An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU' - Book Review

A breeze read to prepare for engineering campus placements amidst the pillow size moronic looking books for placements shall simply define ‘An idiot, placements and intervYOU’. A small book with 100 and odd pages claiming itself to enlighten you on placements. Alright, Let us review the book.
The author has apparently had a break up and couldn’t handle for which after a lot of brain storming found some solace in writing this book. What a paradoxical situation to write a book on helping to shape the future. The basic question would be: “why didn’t he write a love story or a devadas kind of poem but a book on placements?” Weird! Anyways, he wrote the book!
Starting from aptitude test to final interview, the author gives tips on how to prepare for every round along with his experiences for such rounds. All are simple and easily adaptable steps. But, nothing extra-ordinary. If a person, who is above average and has some exposure reads this book, the takeaway would be probably nil. The book is for people who have no clue on what placements are!
Examples for aptitude test and excerpts from his final round interview are good sharing of experiences. Wise plan! The tip to improve spoken English is the best I have ever heard in contrast to the sophomore tips of only reading books and newspaper. The idea of bluffing in interview but being cautious is a state-of-fact.
Example resume and breaking the usual myth of career objective is commendable. And so were the tips on HR rounds and personal interview. But, the resume building was not completely taken care of. Also dealing with core subjects shall come handy to many students who don’t see any other way.
Coming to the literary aspect of the book, I’m disappointed. Heavy usage of slang spoils the flow of words. For example, ‘gonna’, ‘kinda’, ‘wanna’ etc. Right in the foreword such words hit us hard. These words and usage of such slang might look cool and sail you through among friends. But, while writing a book practicing Standard English is recommended. Even the US English thesaurus in MS-Word doesn’t show these words. And, the swearing- I don’t understand the necessity to use the F- word so many times in a placement related book. Does it give some sort of prestigious image or positive recognition?
Inserting personal experiences here and there for every round was good. But somewhere towards the end, the personal experiences have dominated so much that you will flip to the cover to see if you have read the book title properly. A brief explanation on why he wrote the book was fine enough to create a friendly bond with the reader. The same zing is kept alive in every chapter. But, why overdo it?
I shall recommend placement coordinators of engineering colleges located in remote places or for those students who lack exposure to read and share the stuff in this book. But otherwise, it can be used for re insisting the already known tactics of placements.
Why only engineering? Personally, I felt a little offended being from management background. I appreciate the thought that he wanted to write a book helpful for fresher to face placements confidently. But a little more effort and research to write something for non engineering fresher would have been great!
On a note to conclude, ‘An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU’ is the tip of the iceberg viewed from a very narrow binocular. I wish the author comes up with better ones in the future.
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