Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cross-road Gyan

What a composition! A.R. Rahman’s Behne De number in Raavan never stops stunning me. Like ever, it was playing in loop in my mobile mp3 player with maximum volume in ear phones. That’s the way I like to hear when I’m in traffic. It creates a void between me and traffic snarls giving me space to float like Behne De.

A cool evening in Bangalore after drizzling could be both picturesque and repulsive depending on where you are. Banshankri bus stop is definitely repulsive with soiled roads and sprinting competition between vehicles after a rain. That’s why I need Behne De to be oblivious to this obnoxious environment.

It was around 7 pm and I was waiting with my friend to cross the road from the bus shed to other side of the road to get back to my nest and nuzzle soon. I saw a girl on the opposite side of the road trying to cross over. She too was with ear phones, probably with music. I started looking left and right to cross the road. That is when I heard an heart ripping cry of a female over my song.. Eyes widened as saucers searched for the source of cry. Whoa! Heart beat took a double jump and blocked my throat with the sight!

The same girl was about to be crushed into pulp in another 20 nano seconds under the wheels of Volvo bus. I almost heard the bone powdering noise. Some sadist guardian-angel woke up from the slumber and stopped the bus from squeezing the life out of the girl. The bus halted for a second and the driver wheeled out of the scene in a poof! It is ironic that still the song Behne De suited my state. I was literally floating and couldn’t feel my legs. I was scared to death. Seconds later when the self-survival instinct calmed down, I wanted to go and check the girl if she was fine.

But by then, the kinder humans had surrounded her and were helping her up. It was even hard to see her with the crowd around her. Though the human in me wanted to go and check her well being, the brainy me suggested a different idea. That idea changed my perception of the common misjudgment which I had about the mankind. The incident was an eye-opener in quite a few ways.

What the Brainy-Me told was: She is not dead and she has enough people around her to save her. My presence among the crowd is more of a nuisance than help. It is not always necessary to be in action to help someone or prove our humanity. You do a great deal of help by moving away from the scene rather being there to watch the proceedings. The Brainy-Me suggestion was valid and I moved from the place silently mouthing a thanks to the almighty for saving the life that evening.

But as I moved, the adrenaline rush brought a few questions and answers to the front of my mind. Here are they for you in the same format!

Q1: Are those people who never stopped to help the girl inhumane?
A: Definitely not! Wasn’t I too one among them. So it’s absurd to blame people who do not stop by.

Q2: Was the mistake on the girl’s side?
A: To an extent, yes! Though she was following traffic rules, anyone’s mistake could be damaging to both the sides. You have to be precautious for the sake of others too. If she hadn’t put on her ear phones her concentration wouldn’t have been distracted otherwise.

Q3: How about blaming the driver? He was the reckless one.
A: Definitely, yes! Hundreds of people trust their lives in the hands of drivers and board the bus. Yes, it is necessary that you take them to their destination in time. But not at the cost of a life! It could be the driver uncle’s daughter or his friend’s daughter who could have been there instead of the almost-killed-girl. How would the driver feel if it was his daughter walking on the road then? A little empathy would be the answer of this rash driving.

Musing about the newly acquired gyan I returned back to Behne De and dreaming of a blanket warmly waiting to nuzzle with me……


  1. but if the mistake is of girl or driver, the loser will be girl right?

    An eye opener post, many times in the beats of music with high end technology plugged into ears, we forget the surrounding. Nice post


    1. Hi,

      Yes. I agree with you. The loser will be the girl however the sufferer will be the driver. A life of guilt.

      Glad that you liked the post :) thanks.. :)