Thursday, 16 August 2012

Haunting Words

Agony of not writing
Makes me limbs writhing
Thoughts overwhelmed
And my attention is all it claimed
It’s a nerve splitting ache
To not let the word-Nile flow
Baking brain burns black
For the loss of pen’s ink
Starch white paper haunts me
Like a ghost in the shadow
Screams make me mute and deaf
And all I hear is the wailing of the words
The word monster possessed me
I willfully succumbed
Once I tasted the writing fruit
Eternal demand does it create
The screen singing to life made the monster ploy
The document opens and it jumps in joy
I let it course through my body
To find the solace of writing!


  1. BDSM to writing?

  2. Replies
    1. google it... its an interesting term.... or read the new hot novel in UK.. Fifty Shades of Grey !

    2. Hahaha..!! BDSM to writing.?! Wow.. That s a good one Prem,Good one.. :P
      Oops I was supposed to talk about ta poem.!
      Its a good one, Sruthi. :)
      As usual.. But our expectations are higher now(after more than half a dozen poems)
      U know wat I mean :)

  3. wow nice usage of words:)...... i'm experiencing such a pain now:( hope i'll write a new blog soon.....