Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Silent Love

A silent love
Our love:
Doesn’t speak word
But I’m still proud!
For every drop I shed for you
I have seen: you grew!
Even a little blue I can’t bear
Green is what you should wear!
Every touch between us is romantic
Even a little fall makes me frantic!
When I see you grow
That’s when my heart glow!
Those little nodules today
Will spread shade someday!
Here I decree:
I love you
My little tree!
[Attempted to write this poem in a tree shape (X-MAS tree) and guess it worked to an extent.]


  1. I thought it was someone special :)

  2. All it took was a day for the little tree to win my heart.. :) unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it:)

  3. Thats awesome.. A nice screenplay and a unexpected twist at the end.. :) Good good.. Keep going..

  4. I hav to agree u really fooled everyone... the tree had the twist!!! and i luvd it!!! keep bloggin:)

  5. Excellent!! I wonder how you are able to write these wonderful lines...Keep it up!!!