Tuesday, 24 January 2012

On cloud nine!

Asish couldn’t believe his ears when Jyotsna invited him to join her for Goa trip with her friends. Never for once had Jyotsna let down her walls with him nor called him out for a trip where he would get to stay with her day and night. No wonder Asish was stunned to hear that from her. Praying that it shouldn’t be a prank or dream he told that he would be more than ready to join for the trip. The mobile beeped indicating that the call ended and Asish swirled 18 months back.

Jyotsna and Asish came to know each other only 18 months back when Asish joined for his post graduation course in the same college where Jyotsna was doing her final year under graduation. Like any bollywood movie, Jyotsna was college beauty behind whom all testosterone charged boys were after. And like the usual myth, she was known as the girl with highest quotient of attitude and head weight. Jyotsna was the opposite of those. She is one of those few who would pick a fight with a friend for plucking away leaves from tree asking how it would pain for the tree or win the hearts of fellow passengers in the train and visit their family for occasions. On the other hand, Asish is a brand freak macho, or to sum him up in Jyotsna’s own words: “He is a perfect husband material. He would be the exact replica of any girl’s husband customization.”

Jyotsna had endured a heart-break ‘cause of a wrong choice and her parents had wept with her during the times of blue. She was a girl who never kept anything from her parents and took a guilt trip everyday for putting her parents through a tough time. She had decided not to fall anymore and was sure about her decision. And that is when Asish entered her life. Asish had love for her from the beginning. Wait wait! It is not the usual story where the guy hesitates to tell the love in the fear of losing the friendship. Asish of course went and told his love to Jyotsna. But ironically, like usual stories Jyotsna turned it down.

Yet their friendship never got spoiled. There were many instances which made Jyotsna to realize the love which Asish had for her. Yet, she was a strong woman with great will power. She never entertained any formidable thoughts in her heart. Jyotsna finished her graduation and it was time for a pause.

Had you been expecting for the farewell day where Jyotsna ends up pouring out her heart to Asish then hit your head and say, “Stop thinking retro you dumbo! This is not a movie.” Jyotsna got placed in a financial service firm and moved to Banglore. So, Asish was back at Coimbatore and Jyotsna was in Banglore now. Back at Coimbatore, Jyotsna never used her mobile after 10 in the night. Not owing to any restrictions for her parents was sweet, but she never liked using mobile much. She wasn’t technology-friendly. The separation or some reverse law of nature made her use mobile all day. Asish wasn’t there and being amidst strangers made her to turn to mobile phone which would facilitate her to stay connected with Asish.

Those 5 months brought them closer to each other. Shoulders to cry, a pat on the back, soothing words and lending ears and above all the sudden visits of Asish to Banglore to meet her are a few to mention. That too his travel wasn’t by air or train. Guessing Bus? No, wrong again! He used to drive all the way from Coimbatore to Banglore in his bike. For Asish’s birthday Jyotsna taped a video with strangers wishing him with an introductory note from her. Words are not necessary to describe Asish’s glee.

Jyotsna and her colleagues planned to take a vacation in December to Goa. Let’s not go much into her friends’ circle and all those for this is about Asish and Jyotsna. So, when they planned for the trip, Jyotsna invited Asish with them. And, now go back to the first paragraph to read what happened.

It was December 7th, Jyotsna’s birthday. Happily a gang of 9 members including Asish and Jyotsna headed to Goa. It was a four day trip. The night of their arrival that’s December 8th, they decided that early next morning they would go to the beach to enjoy the rising sun and warm sea water.

As they were entering the beach, many water-game organizers approached them offering a five game package at a fixed cost. They struck the deal and went for the five games: Banana-ride, Bumper-ride, Water-bike ride, Boat trip and Para-gliding.

First four were fun and it was time for Para-gliding. Did I mention that Jyotsna has alto phobia? Jyotsna started fretting and told she is never going to fly in that. Everyone’s assurance fell in deaf ears. She saw a kid floating in the air and was a little tempted but her fear engulfed everything. There was an option of flying in pair and Asish offered to fly with her. After a lot of convincing and assurance, Jyotsna gave in and they were hooked to the parachute. Slowly the boat gained speed and their feet trailed into air. One drop will be a direct ticket to hell or heaven on flyer’s choice. No idea on what got into Jyotsna. Asish somehow felt the situation was romantic and opened his mouth to say ‘I love you’. He hadn’t even uttered ‘I’ completely, Jyotsna took the words right out of his mouth and knocked him out of breath by uttering those three words Asish was yearning for: “I love you, Asish!” With those three words, Jyotsna started enjoying floating in the air. She exhilarated at the feel of flying like a bird. Suddenly, her alto phobia was nowhere to be found. With the never ending ocean and the limitless sky as witness jyotsna confessed her love for Asish.

No idea if it was the probability of dying next minute or the feel of flying or the slowly accumulated feelings or just the feel of Asish with her at the minute of verge of death, which made Jyotsna blurt out her love. Asish was on cloud nine and none except him saw those small tears in his eyes.

“How much ever it hurts,
How much ever it tears,
Love is bliss!
Love is eternal!
It’s not love that fails,
It’s the soul that fails.
Love transforms
And Presents itself
At the right moment”

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