Sunday, 30 December 2012

Let’s untitle love: My entry for the get published contest

Bavya and Advaith are best friends from time immemorial. Suchi, Advaith’s girlfriend and Bavya get campus placement with a MNC and move to Banglore. While Sarang, Bavya’s guy is okay with the idea, Advaith couldn’t handle the situation where both his best friend and girl are going away from him in a swish. Suchi, a girl from a conservative middleclass background oppressed by her manipulative mother, felt like a free bird let out her cage. Spring ended and autumn started in Advaith’s life once Suchi left to Banglore. The ever smooth relationship between Suchi and Advaith started taking the rough road from then on.

On the other hand, Suchi as an individual was welcomed to the life of modern woman: financially free, liberal to live the life of her will and wish. Life doesn’t seem what it is to be. Her perceptions and ideologies change. There is this smart guy in her office, who captures her eyes. To worsen things, Suchi forgets calling Bavya on reaching office on a rainy day and her mobile remains switched off. Bavya, out of panic, calls Advaith to know if Suchi is fine as she always calls him on reaching office. When Advaith too has no clue panic strikes him too. But what happened was that her mobile ran out of charge and she was caught up in a training session unable to call.

Advaith screams at Suchi out of concern and she finds it out of proportion. After a bad day and weather all she wants is a break and asks Advaith not to call for a fortnight. The very next day out of frustration she sends an online message to the senior guy at office greeting him. What started as a small chat lead one thing to another taking the relationship to next level. Suchi, was not the same orthodox girl whom Bavya knew.
Advaith and Suchi’s anniversary was nearing and Advaith planned it to make it big and a patch up party. He wanted to surprise her with candles and cakes at her flat which she shared with Bavya. Bavya, unable to hurt her friend neither with the facts nor wanting to give him any hope simply goes with the stream with only one thought: Advaith’s love deserves another chance. If this is the shot then she was all ready to help him.

What happens on the eve of Advaith and Suchi’s anniversary and the aftermath is something which no one can predict. Will Suchi’s change have an impact on Bavya’s nature too? Why is Bavya and Sarang’s relationship smooth while Suchi and Advaith have a tough one? Will this relationship problem between Advaith and Suchi affect Sarang and Bavya’s relationship too? Set from the view of Bavya, this is an usual at the same time an unusual one set in the backdrop of Banglore and a tier- II city called Coimbatore in Tamilnadu picturing the paradigm shift of a girl’s mind with freedom and exposure. This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India .

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Human- A yet another predator! Lets educate not train!

The current happenings around the world give me a new perspective to see the whole human race. Humans are no way different from other species that live on this earth. There is nothing called as “humanity- an organ” like heart and lungs which every human is born with. Humans are the most lethal predator in this earth. Killing the same species for pleasure and not for survival.

Be it the Delhi gang rape incident in India, or the shooting spree at the US, or massacre of just born babies in Iraq, there is no trace of so called “humanity”. And I don’t understand the anger and protests for ruthless punishments. It creates no big difference between the wrong doers and the law protectors. Neither is the punishment going to set things back as it were for the victims, nor the past punishments have had any desired impact on the society. Vengeance is never a solution. It only quenches the violence thirst momentarily.  
Justice itself is a very subjective term. What might look like perfect justice in one’s eyes shall seem atrocious in another’s eyes. Physical torture or anything of that sort is never going to stop people from embracing violence. Aren’t we the descendants of the people who decreed Jesus to a gruesome death and later worship Him?

Any society, Any civilization at any point of time in the history has faced barbarous incidents like these. Neither have they stopped nor have we improved. May be the scientists can find a way to remove the responsible genes from our DNA setup for a peaceful world! 

The entire excerpt above is easier said than done. Unless you are the victim or it directly affects you, it is easy to talk philosophies and thoughts and not be agitated. But honestly, furiousness or protests seem to be remotely fruitful.  None of the protests are going to bring back the lost lives or the girl’s life.  Let us leave it to the victims to decide how they want to go about this.

Fine! What do we do? Sit back silently munch some popcorn n watch these? Choice is yours. Either do that or be the spark of change. Change happens from you. Actions speak louder than voice. Educate your child about violence ( not how to use it as a tool). Say that shooting is fun only in video game but not in real life. Or make sure that no one tries abusing the little girl baby of your neighbor. Unreported crimes’ pile would be taller than many peaks in the world! Protest!, at your neighborhood; in your first circle. Be the spark of change!

I’m the catalyst here! I’m starting the change with my close network thru this blog. So are you the spark of hope and change?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bankster- Book Review

Bankster is a financial thriller by Ravi. Amidst all those tech thrillers and history thrillers (Not that I complain) Bankster is a very different thriller with a different ground altogether. Not stopping with those hi-fi financial knots, the novel is also weaved with a ‘nuclear power conflict’ thread and ‘Diamond smuggling’ thread making it an artful tapestry.

The Protagonist having only 36 hours at his disposal, has to solve the series of cold blooded murders of the key employees in a bank and simultaneously unfold the mystery of the background which will reveal many shocking truths. Nothing is what as it seems! A fake company; a so called NGO with ulterior motive and what not!

The story on its own had followed a bunch of thriller protocol while breaking many. To name the broken rule, the story doesn’t start with a gripping start which is the conventional thriller protocol. But the twist with characters in the end is the exact ingredient of a thriller.

All the characters are well developed and matured is a big plus for the plot. Though there are too many characters, with clear plots it is pretty easy to remember. Same way, the characters are so alive and act according to the will of their own. No manipulations can be found. Ravi has clearly understood the twists of human behavior and has well handled them in crucial situations.

Bankster is one of the finest financial thrillers I have ever read along with ‘Not a Penny more; Not a penny less’ by Jeffery Archer. Ravi has an easy flow of words. No complicated words, No long sentences, I felt the book was apt for many young Indian readers. Sarcasm was at its peak during the climax (Which I really loved).

To name a few aspects which did not appeal like the rest of the story was the too many knots. Too many surprises and too many knots kind of acted like a spoiler. Also, there were many places where we know that some conversation happened but do not know the details of the conversation.  The same mystery would be resolved at a later point of time in the story. This technique has really worked magic in a few places, sending your curiosity to heights but at the same there were many places where this technique seemed like a flop leaving the reader quite irritated.

The corporate life portrayal by Ravi was good. He definitely has a knack for describing things. A well researched and intelligent novel! Being from commerce background, I felt proud that for the first time there are going to be those techy folks who are going to be awestruck with the kind of commerce tactics in the book (Just like how a non-techie would feel after reading Deception Point!). That too from an Indian author! (No offence!)

I could really see a glorious path ahead for Ravi and await more books from him. Bankster- A well choreographed piece of act making you bite the nails and turn the pages leaving you with rolling your eyes in the end.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Notable Newbie experience

"Recognition is what any artist could expect as an achievement"

First steps of the baby
First kiss of the love
First Blossom of the season
First ray of the sun
And so is the
First Recognition as a writer!

Thanks BloagAdda for the recognition!

I, as a writer feel privileged for getting the recognition from BlogAdda as a "Notable Newbie". What a way to encourage to young and writers! This recognition gives a sense of responsibility now on what I write as I know that people are reading my blog. Readers could visit for varied blogs. They have many awesome programs.

"A friend walks the road to success and tows you too"

Prem! He is the key behind my blogging and this exposure. He is a person whom I know that I can always count upon and look for some guidance in times of trouble. I wish to dedicate this recognition to Prem! Readers can a look at his heart too through :

I shall keep penning my heart!! :) :)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tampered Tears

Mutilated dreams; Moronic truth;
 Mangled mind; Tampered tears!
Strong head holds up straight
Heart hogs hideous horror.
Failure feeds inanity fighting sanity
Flips friends as strangers
Flops hope as flat balloon

Eyes yearn to fall free and
Scour the sewage thoughts-
A crash course for heart’s weight loss!
But Brain bolds to block
Trapping to trigger the tears.
Wisdom and Emotion battle
Leaving the tears tampered!

Decorated doors draw to hell
To torment, torture and tarnish
Emptiness is the escape
Blindness is the bliss
It’s just a heart’s frostbite.
Hope heals, life sprouts
Damn these tampered tears!

Friday, 26 October 2012

'An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU' - Book Review

A breeze read to prepare for engineering campus placements amidst the pillow size moronic looking books for placements shall simply define ‘An idiot, placements and intervYOU’. A small book with 100 and odd pages claiming itself to enlighten you on placements. Alright, Let us review the book.
The author has apparently had a break up and couldn’t handle for which after a lot of brain storming found some solace in writing this book. What a paradoxical situation to write a book on helping to shape the future. The basic question would be: “why didn’t he write a love story or a devadas kind of poem but a book on placements?” Weird! Anyways, he wrote the book!
Starting from aptitude test to final interview, the author gives tips on how to prepare for every round along with his experiences for such rounds. All are simple and easily adaptable steps. But, nothing extra-ordinary. If a person, who is above average and has some exposure reads this book, the takeaway would be probably nil. The book is for people who have no clue on what placements are!
Examples for aptitude test and excerpts from his final round interview are good sharing of experiences. Wise plan! The tip to improve spoken English is the best I have ever heard in contrast to the sophomore tips of only reading books and newspaper. The idea of bluffing in interview but being cautious is a state-of-fact.
Example resume and breaking the usual myth of career objective is commendable. And so were the tips on HR rounds and personal interview. But, the resume building was not completely taken care of. Also dealing with core subjects shall come handy to many students who don’t see any other way.
Coming to the literary aspect of the book, I’m disappointed. Heavy usage of slang spoils the flow of words. For example, ‘gonna’, ‘kinda’, ‘wanna’ etc. Right in the foreword such words hit us hard. These words and usage of such slang might look cool and sail you through among friends. But, while writing a book practicing Standard English is recommended. Even the US English thesaurus in MS-Word doesn’t show these words. And, the swearing- I don’t understand the necessity to use the F- word so many times in a placement related book. Does it give some sort of prestigious image or positive recognition?
Inserting personal experiences here and there for every round was good. But somewhere towards the end, the personal experiences have dominated so much that you will flip to the cover to see if you have read the book title properly. A brief explanation on why he wrote the book was fine enough to create a friendly bond with the reader. The same zing is kept alive in every chapter. But, why overdo it?
I shall recommend placement coordinators of engineering colleges located in remote places or for those students who lack exposure to read and share the stuff in this book. But otherwise, it can be used for re insisting the already known tactics of placements.
Why only engineering? Personally, I felt a little offended being from management background. I appreciate the thought that he wanted to write a book helpful for fresher to face placements confidently. But a little more effort and research to write something for non engineering fresher would have been great!
On a note to conclude, ‘An Idiot, Placements and IntervYOU’ is the tip of the iceberg viewed from a very narrow binocular. I wish the author comes up with better ones in the future.
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cross-road Gyan

What a composition! A.R. Rahman’s Behne De number in Raavan never stops stunning me. Like ever, it was playing in loop in my mobile mp3 player with maximum volume in ear phones. That’s the way I like to hear when I’m in traffic. It creates a void between me and traffic snarls giving me space to float like Behne De.

A cool evening in Bangalore after drizzling could be both picturesque and repulsive depending on where you are. Banshankri bus stop is definitely repulsive with soiled roads and sprinting competition between vehicles after a rain. That’s why I need Behne De to be oblivious to this obnoxious environment.

It was around 7 pm and I was waiting with my friend to cross the road from the bus shed to other side of the road to get back to my nest and nuzzle soon. I saw a girl on the opposite side of the road trying to cross over. She too was with ear phones, probably with music. I started looking left and right to cross the road. That is when I heard an heart ripping cry of a female over my song.. Eyes widened as saucers searched for the source of cry. Whoa! Heart beat took a double jump and blocked my throat with the sight!

The same girl was about to be crushed into pulp in another 20 nano seconds under the wheels of Volvo bus. I almost heard the bone powdering noise. Some sadist guardian-angel woke up from the slumber and stopped the bus from squeezing the life out of the girl. The bus halted for a second and the driver wheeled out of the scene in a poof! It is ironic that still the song Behne De suited my state. I was literally floating and couldn’t feel my legs. I was scared to death. Seconds later when the self-survival instinct calmed down, I wanted to go and check the girl if she was fine.

But by then, the kinder humans had surrounded her and were helping her up. It was even hard to see her with the crowd around her. Though the human in me wanted to go and check her well being, the brainy me suggested a different idea. That idea changed my perception of the common misjudgment which I had about the mankind. The incident was an eye-opener in quite a few ways.

What the Brainy-Me told was: She is not dead and she has enough people around her to save her. My presence among the crowd is more of a nuisance than help. It is not always necessary to be in action to help someone or prove our humanity. You do a great deal of help by moving away from the scene rather being there to watch the proceedings. The Brainy-Me suggestion was valid and I moved from the place silently mouthing a thanks to the almighty for saving the life that evening.

But as I moved, the adrenaline rush brought a few questions and answers to the front of my mind. Here are they for you in the same format!

Q1: Are those people who never stopped to help the girl inhumane?
A: Definitely not! Wasn’t I too one among them. So it’s absurd to blame people who do not stop by.

Q2: Was the mistake on the girl’s side?
A: To an extent, yes! Though she was following traffic rules, anyone’s mistake could be damaging to both the sides. You have to be precautious for the sake of others too. If she hadn’t put on her ear phones her concentration wouldn’t have been distracted otherwise.

Q3: How about blaming the driver? He was the reckless one.
A: Definitely, yes! Hundreds of people trust their lives in the hands of drivers and board the bus. Yes, it is necessary that you take them to their destination in time. But not at the cost of a life! It could be the driver uncle’s daughter or his friend’s daughter who could have been there instead of the almost-killed-girl. How would the driver feel if it was his daughter walking on the road then? A little empathy would be the answer of this rash driving.

Musing about the newly acquired gyan I returned back to Behne De and dreaming of a blanket warmly waiting to nuzzle with me……

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Grain

Up popped a grain
Marking up a slain
Swirled around the grain
With no refrain
Caught in momentum of grain
Were those nodules of brain
Gothically grew the grain
Grinding the walls fine
Thus proved the grain
Vanity is not vain
Hence the name of grain
Is Love in plain!!

The Krishna Key- Book Review

The very first look at the back cover of the book gave me the impression that it is the Indian version of Da Vinci Code. And the first few chapters did prove the same. The similarities were striking. Yet, the book has its own fragrance. One cannot stop getting astonished at the amount of information stuffed in the book. They never spoiled the flow of the story nor were too much to handle. It’s a shame if Ashwin is not well applauded for the plethora of information.

Well developed characters are the pillars of such a strong plot. However, deep insight of characters like Rahim Dada and a few others seemed off place in such a plot. The turncoat of Priya was much predictable though it’s not mentioned as a complaint here. When he murders one after other it’s with the base line that he is an Avatar and they are the offenders. But no instance shows his conviction as avatar. His behavior can be viewed as a string-pulled-puppet but where was his inner conviction of the Avatar?

River Saraswathi and Krishna as a historical man of blood and flesh tremendously reminds of the trilogy series ‘Immortals of Meluha’ by Amish. These books can be looked as brother works. Nuclear physics and other such science related stuffs have to be well appreciated.

However the climax of the book seems to lack a nerve.  The three sadus who come at various instances to utter wise words about their search for the Krishna key could very well be a decoy and not true. If the author had shown some exact spot or a viable explanation for not revealing the location of Krishna key it would have been much a fitting end for such a good book. Whereas, inserting philosophy in the end and turning the events portrays a picture where the author doesn’t want to stir the nerves and take an unambiguous stand.

I would call Ashwin Sanghi as the Dan Brown of India. After reading Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, there was a longing not just in me but in many Indian readers for a similar fiction with an Indian plot. The book not only satisfies the thirst but also shows the potential and capability of budding Indian Authors.

Looks like Ashwin has a greater affinity towards his earlier creation Chankaya’s Chant. The book had the narration style of Past and the Present both simultaneously. This book too has the narration style in the same way- Story of Krishna and the current happenings both being told simultaneously. Ashwin has artfully blended Facts and Fiction without any fissures for doubt.

The language and articulation is comfortable to read except for certain portions where it confuses a little with the characters. The pictorial representations sprinkled here and there made the story fast moving and more interesting. I daresay that many of the Indian youth would have felt ashamed for not knowing our own epics like Mahabaratham, after reading this book.

Whatever be the real Krishna key, we could all take it as an opportunity to revisit our own ancient stories and epics to at least read if not research. I couldn’t and still not able to stop marveling Ashwin for this beautiful Krishna key. May the Vish (or is it the Shiv?) bless him and us with more such books.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Haunting Words

Agony of not writing
Makes me limbs writhing
Thoughts overwhelmed
And my attention is all it claimed
It’s a nerve splitting ache
To not let the word-Nile flow
Baking brain burns black
For the loss of pen’s ink
Starch white paper haunts me
Like a ghost in the shadow
Screams make me mute and deaf
And all I hear is the wailing of the words
The word monster possessed me
I willfully succumbed
Once I tasted the writing fruit
Eternal demand does it create
The screen singing to life made the monster ploy
The document opens and it jumps in joy
I let it course through my body
To find the solace of writing!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Muddled Mystification

Rain raves my romance
Flower flaunts my feel
Breeze blows my blue- And
My mind is muddled!

Do books boggle my brain?
Or nature nurtures my nerves?
Influential insights intrude?
Or instinctive intuitions induce?

Misty mystification melts
Poets’ preaching plays
Questions quiver my quest
Is love generated or gene related?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Real Happiness Quotient!

Compare the Real Happiness Quotient

Warning a biker about the unlifted stand

Warning a lady about the flying shawl/sari

Warning the improperly closed car door

Bringing smile in the face of distressed

Buying a candy for a kid on the roadside

Feeding a stray dog

Helping a visually impaired to cross the road

Partying with friends

Spending a few thousands for a birthday

Buying a pompous dress

A grand dinner for one evening

A peppy pub dance

A pack of fag

A bottle of wine

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Being Single Feels Right!

Being Single Feels so Right,

Ø  When Mr. Perfect is on his way to snatch you
Ø  When you know that someone is out there loving you
Ø  When you realize it was worth waiting for him
Ø  When he is going to cherish every little thing about you
Ø  When people break up around you all the time
Ø  When individuals mis-conceptualize the concept of love
Ø  When you understand perseverance pays
Ø  When you dream about your prince every night
Ø  When longing for him every minute intensifies the love
Yet, I shan’t wait anymore for I’m combustible with the over-whelming love.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine Psalm

Sing a line, Sing a line!
It’s the week of valentine.
Walk with rose; brush her nose
Propose in the kneeling pose!

Sing a line, Sing a line!
It’s the week of valentine.
Look in the eye; tell her why
Always she makes you soar high!

Sing a line, Sing a line!
It’s the week of valentine.
Hold her hand; walk with band
Make a swish with love wand!

Sing a line, Sing a line!
It’s the week of valentine.
Love her once; love her twice
Love her without time sense!

Sing a line, Sing a line!
It’s the week of valentine.
Hop from seat; run to sweet
Sweep her off her feet!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

On cloud nine!

Asish couldn’t believe his ears when Jyotsna invited him to join her for Goa trip with her friends. Never for once had Jyotsna let down her walls with him nor called him out for a trip where he would get to stay with her day and night. No wonder Asish was stunned to hear that from her. Praying that it shouldn’t be a prank or dream he told that he would be more than ready to join for the trip. The mobile beeped indicating that the call ended and Asish swirled 18 months back.

Jyotsna and Asish came to know each other only 18 months back when Asish joined for his post graduation course in the same college where Jyotsna was doing her final year under graduation. Like any bollywood movie, Jyotsna was college beauty behind whom all testosterone charged boys were after. And like the usual myth, she was known as the girl with highest quotient of attitude and head weight. Jyotsna was the opposite of those. She is one of those few who would pick a fight with a friend for plucking away leaves from tree asking how it would pain for the tree or win the hearts of fellow passengers in the train and visit their family for occasions. On the other hand, Asish is a brand freak macho, or to sum him up in Jyotsna’s own words: “He is a perfect husband material. He would be the exact replica of any girl’s husband customization.”

Jyotsna had endured a heart-break ‘cause of a wrong choice and her parents had wept with her during the times of blue. She was a girl who never kept anything from her parents and took a guilt trip everyday for putting her parents through a tough time. She had decided not to fall anymore and was sure about her decision. And that is when Asish entered her life. Asish had love for her from the beginning. Wait wait! It is not the usual story where the guy hesitates to tell the love in the fear of losing the friendship. Asish of course went and told his love to Jyotsna. But ironically, like usual stories Jyotsna turned it down.

Yet their friendship never got spoiled. There were many instances which made Jyotsna to realize the love which Asish had for her. Yet, she was a strong woman with great will power. She never entertained any formidable thoughts in her heart. Jyotsna finished her graduation and it was time for a pause.

Had you been expecting for the farewell day where Jyotsna ends up pouring out her heart to Asish then hit your head and say, “Stop thinking retro you dumbo! This is not a movie.” Jyotsna got placed in a financial service firm and moved to Banglore. So, Asish was back at Coimbatore and Jyotsna was in Banglore now. Back at Coimbatore, Jyotsna never used her mobile after 10 in the night. Not owing to any restrictions for her parents was sweet, but she never liked using mobile much. She wasn’t technology-friendly. The separation or some reverse law of nature made her use mobile all day. Asish wasn’t there and being amidst strangers made her to turn to mobile phone which would facilitate her to stay connected with Asish.

Those 5 months brought them closer to each other. Shoulders to cry, a pat on the back, soothing words and lending ears and above all the sudden visits of Asish to Banglore to meet her are a few to mention. That too his travel wasn’t by air or train. Guessing Bus? No, wrong again! He used to drive all the way from Coimbatore to Banglore in his bike. For Asish’s birthday Jyotsna taped a video with strangers wishing him with an introductory note from her. Words are not necessary to describe Asish’s glee.

Jyotsna and her colleagues planned to take a vacation in December to Goa. Let’s not go much into her friends’ circle and all those for this is about Asish and Jyotsna. So, when they planned for the trip, Jyotsna invited Asish with them. And, now go back to the first paragraph to read what happened.

It was December 7th, Jyotsna’s birthday. Happily a gang of 9 members including Asish and Jyotsna headed to Goa. It was a four day trip. The night of their arrival that’s December 8th, they decided that early next morning they would go to the beach to enjoy the rising sun and warm sea water.

As they were entering the beach, many water-game organizers approached them offering a five game package at a fixed cost. They struck the deal and went for the five games: Banana-ride, Bumper-ride, Water-bike ride, Boat trip and Para-gliding.

First four were fun and it was time for Para-gliding. Did I mention that Jyotsna has alto phobia? Jyotsna started fretting and told she is never going to fly in that. Everyone’s assurance fell in deaf ears. She saw a kid floating in the air and was a little tempted but her fear engulfed everything. There was an option of flying in pair and Asish offered to fly with her. After a lot of convincing and assurance, Jyotsna gave in and they were hooked to the parachute. Slowly the boat gained speed and their feet trailed into air. One drop will be a direct ticket to hell or heaven on flyer’s choice. No idea on what got into Jyotsna. Asish somehow felt the situation was romantic and opened his mouth to say ‘I love you’. He hadn’t even uttered ‘I’ completely, Jyotsna took the words right out of his mouth and knocked him out of breath by uttering those three words Asish was yearning for: “I love you, Asish!” With those three words, Jyotsna started enjoying floating in the air. She exhilarated at the feel of flying like a bird. Suddenly, her alto phobia was nowhere to be found. With the never ending ocean and the limitless sky as witness jyotsna confessed her love for Asish.

No idea if it was the probability of dying next minute or the feel of flying or the slowly accumulated feelings or just the feel of Asish with her at the minute of verge of death, which made Jyotsna blurt out her love. Asish was on cloud nine and none except him saw those small tears in his eyes.

“How much ever it hurts,
How much ever it tears,
Love is bliss!
Love is eternal!
It’s not love that fails,
It’s the soul that fails.
Love transforms
And Presents itself
At the right moment”

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Lost Friendship

The lost friendship

Come back once again
For I can’t handle the pain;
Shake me hard and wake me fair
For I can’t handle the night mare;
How could this happen to us
And why all this fuss
Come back once again
For I can’t handle the pain

How could you leave me n’ go
And look at me as your foe
We were the best in the world
And my trust was blind fold
I was there for you in blue and low
But you gave me a blow
There lies my heart in shatter
Which will seldom flutter
Come back once again
For I can’t handle the pain

My friendship was true
In which a tempest brew
How could you betray me           
And flare your vengeance on me
For all I did is love you
On which you had no clue
Come back once again
For I can’t handle the pain

I seldom miss you
For the memories are few
But tears trickle down my cheek
And make me go freak
All I wish is a wink
To have back my friendship in a blink
Shake me hard and wake me fair
For I can’t handle the night mare;
Come back once again
For I can’t handle the pain

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Wish Moon

A wish Moon
Here I’m sending the moon
To wish you name and fame.
Open the window and accept her with a smile
For she is glowing with my love for you!

A Silent Love

A silent love
Our love:
Doesn’t speak word
But I’m still proud!
For every drop I shed for you
I have seen: you grew!
Even a little blue I can’t bear
Green is what you should wear!
Every touch between us is romantic
Even a little fall makes me frantic!
When I see you grow
That’s when my heart glow!
Those little nodules today
Will spread shade someday!
Here I decree:
I love you
My little tree!
[Attempted to write this poem in a tree shape (X-MAS tree) and guess it worked to an extent.]