Saturday, 19 November 2011

First Blogging!

Its not mind-boggling on first blogging! however, the very thought my thoughts will be accessible to anyone and everyone is very exciting.. All the credit goes to Prem.. He is the instrumental person behind my blogging and I really wanna thank him for trusting in me and my potential so much.. :)

Thank You Prem!! :) My first post is dedicated to you!! :)


  1. You have amazing potential to become an international best selling author. I am happy that I can say to my friends later in my life that, I knew you for a looooong time:)

    Expecting your first novel. I reserved the first copy of your first novel. (Without ur permission, I hope you don't mind)

  2. I would be glad to give you the first copy Prem :) and anyways we gonna be in constant touch.. so you wouldn't have a chance to just tell but take me to ppl and show that we really are friends and know for long time :)